Have you been to Hastings?


We went to Hastings for the first time on Saturday. It’s a good hour drive from where we live. The place is on the south coast of England and if you have never heard of Hastings, that’s ok. Google it! Hahaha just kidding. Hastings is famous for the Battle of Hastings of 1066, when the Normans conquered England.

The actual town where the battle took place wasn’t even Hastings – the place is called, tah-dah, Battle. Original, isn’t it?

So, our first stop was this cute little medieval town called Battle, where the cathedral and the battle field are. Entrance is free for under 5s, seniors get a discount (I think it’s about 6.50) and adult is around £8. We got falconery (whatever it’s called) and archery sessions included, but we couldn’t be bothered to wait.

Pushchairs are not recommended if you want to go around the whole field, but the good news is that you can leave it at the room you collect your audii guide from.

Laura enjoyed part of the walk (the whole round takes about 40min), but she was tired and bored several times. We stopped for a picnic and then for a quick relaxing time, when she almost fell asleep. Other than that, she ran a lot, played with the audio book (she was actually listening to it), asked to be carried several times.

Battle is adorable. Tiny buildings (cottages), sweet local shops selling all sort of lovely decoration objects (all of those things you don’t need but still end up buying). I saw a couple of shops I wanted to go back – including a charity shop selling cooler stuff than the stuff in my area – but I didn’t have the chance to go.

We had lunch there – the main street is full of cafes, but very few restaurants or pubs. We managed to find a pub (I don’t know about you, but I love pub food), where I had a yummy grilled seabass with prawns (I think they were crayfish though) cream, new potatoes and broccoli/baby corn/cabbage. The boys had fish and chips, my mother in law had chicken and bacon salad and Laura had chicken nuggets. Service was really good. Not pricey.

Here are some photos of the first part of the day. These were taken on my phone; I have more in my camera, I’ll post them later. The 2nd part of the day will come tomorrow.







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