Olympics wrap up


And the Olympics are over and we have a little pause until the Paralympics start. Here are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, in my humble – and very personal – opinion (*):

The Good:

London as the host city did an excellent job. There was very little or no disruption to day-to-day, despite the warning that public transport might collapse. A lot of money was invested, many people was against it, but in the end we were all happy to be part of it. 10 out or 10.

Team GB did a fantastic job and collected a record breaking number of medals. Well done to all athletes, you made your country proud. 10 out of 10.

The Brazilian athletes that got a medal, whichever colour they are. It is hard to compete with the biggies – USA and China are just invincible. Team GB proved that with a lot of dedication, training and shit loads of money, you can build an amazing army of athletes. We got more medals than in Pequim. We missed some important medals, got some unexpected ones. And we hope for more in 2016.

The Brazilian Women’s handball team didn’t get a medal, but deserved one. They played beautifully and were so close. For me, this was one of the big medal miss for our country. I’m pretty sure we will see this team shining in 2016.

The Bad:

BBC commentators were a bit of a pain in the neck at some of the matches. You could clearly see that they had no experience in commenting volleyball for example. Best games were late in the evening, when there was no commentators (unless Team GB was playing).

Brazil vs Mexico match was painful to watch. Mexico did well, congratulations for the gold medal. But we were all expecting if not the Gold medal, at least a hell of a fight between the two. The biggest frustration come from the fact that most of the Brazilian players are more popstars than actual football lovers. Some of the guys earn more than a whole football team and you expect nothing less than a fantastic match.

The Badminton teams that played badly on purpose not to get stronger teams in the next match. They blamed the new rules, but hey, this is not how you fight the rules! If you are competing, you have to COMPETE – compete is more than just play. And I don’t get the story is avoiding to get stronger opponents to be honest.

The Ugly:

The Brazilian press was irritating with their unfortunate comments. Words like disappointing, fail, frustrated were always present when talking about our athletes. It was upsetting and sometimes very unfair. We expect the athletes to give their best, to play with passion, to do what they know best. The medal is not only down to them. To say that they disappointed the nation is a big BS and also unfair with the opponent. What is the problem in losing to someone that was better than you in the game? I know this is not an exclusive issue of the Brazilian press because the BBC did the same with their sailing team, who won “only” a Silver medal.

(*) Based on what I’ve seen, of course


I watched two games in loco: bronze medal for both women’s volleyball (Japan vs South Korea) and men’s handball (Hungary vs Croatia).

The volleyball was in Earl’s Court. The venue is quite old but received a make over to host the volleyball matches. There were some empty seats, which annoyed me, as it was impossible to buy tickets online to some of the matches. So here is the background: the Brazilian team lost by 3 x 0 to South Korea, but defeated the Japanese by the same score. The Brazilians took the Gold. What do you conclude? That Korea will beat Japan. Errr, not really. I have no idea what happened, but Korea didn’t manage to win one set. Ok, they didn’t give the match away, but still… The supporters were a bit too quiet for my liking, but I don’t know if there were many supporters in the stadium anyway.

The handball match was in the Olympic Park and I loved being there. Hungarians were majority in the audience, with some Croatians and very few “rest of the world”. I was (trying to) support Hungary – they were very passionate, agile, and played a fun fast paced game. The Croatians preferred to think, study the other team, take their time. Also, I was annoyed by all the pauses in the game. Loads of fouls, wet floor, etc. When you watch on TV, these breaks are masked by replays, so you don’t feel them.  Other than that, it was a good game, with Croatia winning.


The medals of Brazil (from http://www.london2012.com website), comments are mine:

3 5 9 17
Beach Volleyball (I had high hopes here) 0 1 1 2  
Boxing (That was a surprise for me) 0 1 2 3  
Football (I was frustrated, was expecting gold) 0 1 0 1  
Gymnastics – Artistic (YEY, loved this) 1 0 0 1  
Judo (Well done for the medal, that’s brilliant!) 1 0 3 4  
Modern Pentathlon (That was another surprise, last day gift) 0 0 1 1  
Sailing (The guys are gold despite the bronze) 0 0 1 1  
Swimming (our boys are better than the medals they got) 0 1 1 2  
Volleyball (our girls converted frustration into power and the boys were great but it wasn’t their gold) 1 1 0 2

I hope our athletes get support for the Olympics in 2016 – they are more than capable of competing with the big guys!


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