Nothing special


…for you, maybe.

On Friday one of my work colleagues (and partner in gossip) is leaving. She decided to go to Australia for a year. I am so jealous – Australia has always been part of my dreams since I was quite young. I’m happy for her, but sad for me as I’m going to be on my own for a month, until I have a new boss. Lose a friend, win a boss. Good deal?

We finally decided on a nursery for Laura. It’s very close to my work (in fact I can see it from my window). It’s spacious and bright and kids seem to be happy. Pros: 1) being close to work I can be there in 5 minutes to collect her if needed. I have more flexibility at work – before I had to leave work at 4pm to make sure I got at the nursery on time. Now I can leave work at 4pm to get home early and spend more time with her; or stay a little longer at work in case an urgent meeting comes up. 2) she will have loads os little friends to play with – including a 1/2 Brazilian boy. 3) no more daily cooking. Cons: 1) it’s close to MY work, not Mr. C’s – we will have to pre-arrange if I have an external meeting. 2) No more working from home – no point if I have to take her to the nursery near work. 3) no more late mornings in bed on weekend – grandparents leaving in less than a month.

Hmmmmm… And those are the major things going on in my life outside the routine. Boring, eh? Not really if you think Laura wakes me up every day whispering “mummy” and kissing and hugging me. And she loves to dance and play and go out and draw and run. It’s all part of my life and keeps me very busy.

Olympics: I’m trying to follow the games, but some of them are too late. And sometimes I get bored – I can’t watch football anymore, after the overdose of volleyball and handball.


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