The Olympics, Euromillions & I


As you all can imagine, London is bubbly these days. It’s amazing what the Olympics can bring to the spirit of the town. Yes, yes, the whole country is happy happy joy joy, but there’s something special about London.

Like it or not, London is a special place. Full stop. When the sun is shining and the Olympics are on, boy, it just take “special” to another level. There is no place I would like to be more than being here.

I haven’t been to the games yet, but have been watching some. I like watching random sports of random teams. Handball match between Spain and someone else I can’t remember, hockey between Belgium and Holland, basketball between Argentina and i can’t remember… For me it’s not about the teams, but the sports per se. So much that sometimes all my brain registers is “the team in blue vs the team in red”.

Then there are the Team Brazil games. I really suffer when these are on – beach volley and volley ball being my favourite. I feel pain on my chest with anxiety.

And there are the team of the heart: Romania and team GB. I’m glad they are both competing in the gymnastics. Team GB with great chances to win some gold medals and make the country happy.

And then there are the athelets that simply know their thing, like Federer for Switzerland, Bolt for Jamaica (how not support Jamaican athelets?), a bunch of Americans and Chinese – great in so many categories.

I’m loving the whole Olympics mood and I wish itnwould hang around for longer.


On a sad note: I’m not one of the euromillion winners. 😦


I met a lady from Ghana on Friday that inspired me. She is learning to swim and next in her list is learn to drive. She is my age. I don’t know if she work and/or have kids, but that’s not the point. We have to make time to tick the items in our to do list. So watch this space!


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  1. Hope you can get some time to learn new things soon. Keep me posted and I might even join you to lessons, fitting between golf and music practice 🙂

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