Day 2


Day 2 started with a heavy insomnia (insomnia from day 1, if you think about it). Note to self: next time I go somewhere with a bit time difference, make sure to have nice snacks with me. 5am I was desperate for breakfast and what did I have in the room? Cheetos and Diet coke. I think I lost 5 years with this meal.

And because I am NOT on holidays, I worked until 7am, when breakfast is served. Got back to the room, a bit more work and… Eyes wanting to close. I am not on holidays but I need to rest for the next couple of days ahead. A 3-hour power nap later and I was ready to go for a walk. Shopping or museum? Ok, I REALLY wanted to go shopping but as you know from the previous post, I ended up in Balboa Park.

First time we came to San Diego, in 2010, we spent a day in La Jolla and another day at the Zoo. There was no time to do anything else, especially because we had to drive from and to Newport Beach, with a 5 months old baby.

I have to say that coming on my own made things a bit quicker. I could walk at my own pace, see what I wanted to see and, ooooh, skip lunch! Yes, I’m having lunch now, at 6pm. After all the cheetos…

Balboa Park is huge, with loads of museus to visit. I knew I would see much, because I’m not in this mode of running around trying to see every single thing I can. Also, it didn’t help that 1) I couldn’t find the entrance straight away and 2) my shoes were hurting.

I went to the Museum of Man (see previous post) and to the National History Museum. I never got the chance to go to the London National History Museum without a crowd of noisy and pushy kids, so I really liked the experience here in San Diego. By the way, the city seems a bit empty.

I left the more artsy museums for another time, but there are some nice things to see.

Not all of them are paid – the two I went were, $15 an $17 respectively, but if you plan our visit properly (which clearly I didn’t), you can get a passport that gives you access to the whole thing and saves you money.

I walked around the whole place, but couldn’t find the japanese garden. Truth is, I was tired and didn’t want to walk all the way back to the hotel, so I cut my trip short to catch the (free) tram back.

More details on the balboa park when I have more time (or insomnia) and am on the laptop, not phone.











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