When is the best time to travel?


I must confess: the older I get, the more difficult it is to please me when it comes to traveling.

I’m loving the weather in Cyprus (today 34C, a little too hot) BUT I can’t keep the air con on all the time and I can’t be in the water all the time. So overall is almost unbearable. Sightseeing? Visit ruins and archeological sites? Pass.

So, I’m thinking: probably the best time to visit Cyprus is April/May when the temperatures are not so high and the wind might be cooler.

Then there are places that are too cold in winter but might be ok in summer. Like Norway, Sweden and Finland. My guess, I’ve only been to Norway, in May and it was sunny but around 18C (not as windy as in the UK, which made it easier to move around).

I’m not a fan of extremes. Neither too hot not too cold, so spring and autumn are normally my favourite seasons.

Another thing that is coming with old age is how picky I am about locations, but this is something for another post.


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  1. Hi miss lazy!!!!
    How are you doing?
    I fully agree with you, one time its too hot then too cold! 😉 too many destinations to choose from and too many things to see around the globe!
    Are you a person who gets stuk to one destination and keeps visiting or are you exploring new things everytime?
    You said ou were picky…. In what way? Destinatin itself, the accomodation, prices or service?

    Well i hope you have found the right place to be at this summer… Where are you heading to?

    Take care nd happy landings!


    Ps: would be great if you check out my new blog and share your experience!!!!!

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