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There’s always a 1st time


My house is always a huge mess. It hasn’t been fully decorated and furnished, to start with, so it’s always looking like it’s half done.

On top of that, we are messy people.
I hate it, but what can I do? Little Laura is going on the same path…

Having said that, after sleeping a lot this weekend (best birthday present ever), I had the energy to organize our bedroom a little bit. Yes, there is still a bit of mess, but it is organized mess (I dare say).


This is the first time this chest of drawer is not covered by clothes and “stuff”. And this is how it is meant to be!


Cyprus – photos


Before I forget to post photos… hopefully I will be able to summarise the trip later in the week.


Back to life


We got back last night, quite late actually. And today was business as usual. And of course I’m tired.

I was planning to summarise the trip to Cyprus, upload some photos, write loads of posts (I’m inspired), but hubby stole my computer. I really don’t like typing on iPhone – my finger is too chubby and I mispell a lot more words on it. Not to mention that I can’t upload the photos in my camera.

So here are a couple taken with the mobile camera.



The week is flying!


I can’t believe it’s end of Thursday and soon we are heading home.

I’m writing this while forced to listen listening to some bad live music coming from one of the clubs in the area. This was one of the complaints about this place in the reviews we checked. Music until 4am. Great for kids and parents trying to relax a bit, eh?

To be fair, the music usually stops at 10pm, which is fine. Let’s see today. Oh, and our room is at the back, so we can’t hear the music from The Love Boat, a karaoke pub next door. Apparently this one goes until late.

The nearest beach is the Fig Tree Bay, very very nice. Clean water, shallow sea, loads of acqua sports for the adventurers… The part we usually go is still being built. To the left, the promenade is done and really nice for a walk, during the day or the evening. The beaches have chairs and umbrellas for rent (7,5 euros for 2 chairs and 1 umbrella, the whole day) and it is very safe. We leave our stuff there and go for lunch without a problem.

The beach is perfect for small kids, Laura can stand up easily (well…), there are no waves, loads of tiny fish that can be seen without goggles and… Sand!

If you been to Greece, you know that rocky beach is very common there. I was afraid that it would be the same in Cyprus. There are some rocky beaches, but several good sandy beaches too. In total, Cyprus has 16 blue flag beaches and we’ve been to two of them (very similar).

The restaurants are pretty average. We read some reviews about Zuchini, but it closed down and moved to the town next door. We went to the restaurant by the beach twice. One was by chance and the other was by Laura’s request. Most restaurants in this area have kids soft play area, with Little Trikes plastic toys (slides, houses, seesaw) and some coin opperated toys. Laura simply loves them all – we spent about 10 euros on those… The food is not that good – Laura didn’t want to eat at all.

Actually eating has been a bit problematic on her end. Not sure if she lost her appetite with the heat or if it is because everything is different, but she is not eating very well here. She doesn’t look ill, so not too worried yet.

My biggest fear about traveling with a young child came to life yesterday: Laura pooed in the beach and the nappy leaked and we had to rush off to change her. It was a nightmare. But it was a one off. Today she pooed again, but it was totally under control.

The sun is very strong here, even in the early and late hours of the day, so strong lotion for her (50) and for us (30) and hat all the time for her. Hubby and I got sun burned, but Laura is safe. When she is not in the water, she is on the shade.

Sleeping is a bit of a pain. Ironically, I can’t breath with the heat and desperately need the air con to sleep well. Hubby feels cold (!) without the air con and says it makes him ill – Laura has a strong cough and blocked nose, so two against one. I do turn the air con on before we go to bed, so the bedroom is cool.

Hubby is a big fan of football and wants to watch all the Eurocup matches. The TV in our room is tiny and the image is crap. We thought about going to a pub/restaurant to watch the game but it never happened.

I’m pretty sure there are plenty to see and do in Cyprus, but with the heat, all we want to do is cool down in the water. The beaches are very similar, so we are also avoiding car trips just to go to another beach.

Nothing planned for the last two days, so let’s see what happens.

When is the best time to travel?


I must confess: the older I get, the more difficult it is to please me when it comes to traveling.

I’m loving the weather in Cyprus (today 34C, a little too hot) BUT I can’t keep the air con on all the time and I can’t be in the water all the time. So overall is almost unbearable. Sightseeing? Visit ruins and archeological sites? Pass.

So, I’m thinking: probably the best time to visit Cyprus is April/May when the temperatures are not so high and the wind might be cooler.

Then there are places that are too cold in winter but might be ok in summer. Like Norway, Sweden and Finland. My guess, I’ve only been to Norway, in May and it was sunny but around 18C (not as windy as in the UK, which made it easier to move around).

I’m not a fan of extremes. Neither too hot not too cold, so spring and autumn are normally my favourite seasons.

Another thing that is coming with old age is how picky I am about locations, but this is something for another post.

Dirty thoughts


Am I too naughty to keep wishing I didn’t have to work? That I would love to be a kept wife, be at home doing nothing, killing my time having massages, the nails done, learning to sew, learning Romanian, taking Laura to swimming and ballet classes, having coffee with friends, etc.

Ok, this is not going to happen unless we win the lottery and the prize is good. If I do stop working, I won’t be able to spend money like crazy and Laura wouldn’t go to a nursery, she would stay with me. So, it’s not really a day dream, is it?

Maybe when the kids are older and we retire… Until then, dream on.