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Laura turns 2


In 10 days Laura is turning 2. We are not going to celebrate it this time, not like last year. Firstly because I didn’t organise myself and I can’t believe it’s only 10 days to go! Secondly because the weather is so crap lately that I can’t bear the idea of having people in the house with muddy feet. I wanted to have something outdoors, but it’s very unlikely that it will happen. Maybe in June or July…

She is adorable. Very chatty and funny. My mother-in-law left about a week ago; she spent a month with us. Laura simply understands everything in Romanian! Now my mother is here and they are having a great time.

Almost two years old and no signs of getting rid of the nappy. She doesn’t bother if the nappy is dirty. She doesn’t mind it at all. We were hoping to start with the potty training now, but I don’t think she is ready.

I lost count of the new words, but here are some of the funniest:

Stop! She normally says it angry, with her finger it. Today is was saying Stop! to a bee!! / Papa (food). Any food. It’s not funny but very cute. / shishoh (vovoh, as in grandmother) / bolo (cake), bala (candy). These are cute – and she repeats them a lot lately. / Batata/potato – she started with these today, both words.

Other words she has been saying a lot lately: boy, girl, banana, caca (as in poo and any dirty thing), up, down, there, cold, alow (as in hello, on the phone), acabo.

She can imitate all sort of animals.

She knows how to scoot around on her scooter (patinete).

She knows how to use the iPhone; she has her own apps installed and can easily change between them.










We are going to Cyprus! Our second holiday as a family, in between Laura’s and my birthdays.

Just a week though, but I’m sure it will help recharge our batteries.

I can’t wait!! Maybe I should research a bit before going. I normally leave the task to Mr. C., but he’s been quite busy lately.

I want to keep all the details so I can write a proper post on www. If you have kids and like to travel, you should visit the site.



April used to be one of my favourite months of the year. Autumn in Brazil, Spring in the UK.

April in the UK used to be nice, warm and sunny. The picnic season. The “enjoy the weather now because god knows how summer is going to be” season.

Not this year. The worst April since 2006. We had snow in April before, followed by sunny and warm days. So it’s ok. But not rain 25 of the 30 days! All day long rain.

The plants need all the water – we’re in draught, apparently. But we could have a balance, eh, Mother Nature? What about 10 days of rain every month? I bet you are “punishing” us for treating your home so badly. I don’t blame you.