On the train


I’ve been really bad with this blog’s update. It really annoys me, but it is the easiest thing to drop out when I’m too busy.

Today was my boss’ leaving drinks. She is great, probably best boss I had so far. It was a great night, but now I am exhausted. Still on the train home (it’s FREEZING!!!) so let me share some photos of Laura eating a tomato as if it was… I don’t know, a nice juicy and sweet fruit.



She is doing great, more delicious every day. I love how I get home an she is so excited to chat, play, talk and check out what’s in my bag (especially after she found some sweets hidden in it). I love how she has become “daddy’s girl”, calling him all the time, including in the middle of the time. I love how she rarely says “yes”, but opens the biggest smile in excitement when we offer something she likes. I love how she is playing like a big girl (as opposed to a little baby) putting her doll to sleep, feeding them, etc. I love how she eats on her own and eats vegetables (she actually likes broccoli). I love when she sleeps in our bed. I love when she sleeps in her bed through the night. I love when she tickles me and thinks it’s hilarious. I love how fast she learns things. I love how she know what’s wrong and upsets us. I love her smile, squeezing her eyes shut, mouth wide open. I love how she says “oh-oh Uaua” when she does something wrong. I love how he says “dodoi” when she hurts herself. I love how she has so much fun trying to put her shoes on. I love when she says “mummy, c’omon” and “mummy, sit” tapping her hand on the floor. I love how she cries and gets upset when I say I’m “dodoi”. I love her clumpsy way of jumping and dancing. I love her cuddles. I love to cuddle her.

I love her and everything about her, but I have to stop now because I’m getting off the train.

Night night.


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