And my baby is growing faster than I wished. Daddy is the one who takes her to the playground, so I was quite surprised to see that she climbs the slide on her own. I was scared and she was all brave and confident.

And chatter box added a few more words to her vocabulary: shoes (which she says in the most gracious way shush), sit (almost shit, bless her) and more. In the beginning “more” meant more. Now she says more whenever she wants something. So we are constantly asking “more what?”.

We also managed to get her to say Thank you once. Oh, and she says Laura, but as Uaua. Cute to the max!

She says agua (water) but it’s usually aua, abua, apa. Oh oh, and she says xixi (pee/wee). She goes to the bathroom and grabs her potty and says xixi. Sometimes she gets a piece of toilet paper before sitting on the potty. But that’s about it. As soon as I remove her nappy, she loses interest in the potty.

And she also says “cuddle” when she wants a hug or to give a hug. But she says cuggle instead, which I find super cute.

And we are all ill again! Not sure how I managed to go to work today, but I did.

Laura is getting better, but her cough is quite strong still. At least she is sleeping better.


And one year later, we are going back to where we were: Laura at home being looked after by the grandparents.

The idea is to have her part time in another nursery or childminder, so she is has contact with other kids.

Gonna try to go to bed early today. Night night.


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