Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


The week is over, thankgoodness!

So, let’s see: I missed 2 days of work and Mr. C another two, plus I left earlier another day. All because of Laura’s illness. She is on antibiotics since Tuesday and went to very quiet, sleepy and grumpy until Thursday to happy, chatty and active today. The power of Friday.

We had an amazing day today, by the way. And it wasone of those I wished I was a full time mum. But hey maybe I appreciated it more exactly because I’m not a full time mum.


Although Laura still has a strong cough, the fever has gone for the day. I hope for good.

We decided to take her out of the nursery. It’s a great one, but not very practical. We are currently studying other opportunities. Let’s see how it goes.




I’m quite excited abou spring this year. I normally love spring – love all the colors and life blooming in the streets. But for the first time, I’m growing colours and life in my house too. And I’m not talking about Laura.

My two orchids are blooming. One is more than 2 years old and it’s the first time it flowers since I first got it. I normally throw away orchids after the first flowers are gone, simply because I had no idea that they are still alive. I also got a couple of dafordils and one is already flowering. And there’s the secret santa gifts. I got to grow your own kits: a strawberry one (the little pot with tiny little plants growing) and sunflowers – unfortunately I don’t know where the sunflower seeds had gone, so I planted some old dead bulbs i bought ages ago and never bothered to plant. Surprise, surprise, one us growing!

So now you can see my little garden. They will soon move outdoors.

It’s late, I’m going to bed. Night nigh, you lot. Sleep tight, have beautiful dreams and an even more beautiful weekend.


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