Sunday was hubby’s birthday. He didn’t want to celebrate, so I just prepared a late lunch for a few friends and baked a quick cake.

We had a great time. I missed some friends around, but I think big gatherigs will be for when summer is here.


Every day my motherly love increases – who thought this could be possible? Little one was poorly last night so we brought her to our bed. She woke up several times screaming, as because of a nightmare or sharp pain. Other than that, it was delicious sleeping with her next to us.

She woke up this morning, when I was getting ready to work, and called me. I went to her side and she patted the mattress, asking me to lay down next to her. I did, I couldn’t resist, and she hugged my head, as if it was her soft toy dog. And she fell asleep. I so wished I had more time in the morning.


One of the (1,849,739,738,139,947) things I love about Laura is that she doesn’t say “yes”, she simply opens one of her biggest smiles as if offered a million pounds to spend on toys. One of the times she woke up crying in the middle of the night, i asked if she wanted milk. Nothing. Au au? Nothing. Water? Biggest smile and a lot of excited hand clapping. For water!

This morning was the same when I asked if she wanted milk. It just makes it even more pleasant to please her.

Her big smile is something that everybody at the nursery comments on. They love it; they love when she chats and laughs, throwing her head backwards, as if telling the funniest joke; they love her loud laughter.

What is there not to love about it?


My boss resigned and is leaving end of April. As Lili says, there’s something about me that my bosses tend to leave… I’m actually quite sad this time, because she is not only lovely and fun, but also very inspiring. The type of person that is always coming up with different and creative ideas. Most of the time, they require lots of work and some money, but nonetheless they are different ideas and make you think about what other options are there. When you are too long in a certain area, it’s so easy to stick to the same old ideas and way to work…


It’s only Tuesday.


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