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Howdy ho!


Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday! La multi ani, Voichita! Mwah!

Today the day was great, sunny, warmish, productive, delicious. The floor in the living/dining rooms and hallway are done. I manage to find some energy to organise the mess a tiny little bit.

Little one turned 21 months last Wednesday and she is funnier than ever. Her vocabulary is also increasing, and as well as all the words I posted before, she also says “yes” (bizarre how she refuses to say it though), “more”, “bubble” (will post a cute video of her shouting bubble), “aeroplane” (I heard it a couple of times), “moon”, “book”. All in English.

Yesterday I went to Covent Garden with my team. I love CV, I love it even more early in the morning, before the tourists wake up and take over the city. We went to the museum of transport and walked around… There’s this exhibition of giant eggs in the city – 200 of them in central London. I saw only 10 or so.

Daddy and baby have some quality time together every weekend, when daddy takes baby to the park nearby. I hardly ever go because I can’t bear the park when it’s cold and wet.

And a bit of old news: I didn’t think I would manage, neither did hubby, but we had a great valetine’s dinner. I had 30 minutes to prepare everything, from setting the table to cooking. I think I did a pretty good job considering the time.

Last but not least: I am officially British. I booked the passport interview and should get my passport by end of March. Bad timing, ski trip was cancelled and and god know if we will be able to ski this year. But at least we are all British at home and won’t have any more problems renewing passports and such.

Ok, I’m going to sleep now. Tomorrow will be another great day for us!









Life is beautiful


When things start going wrong, you have to take a step back and remember all good moments of life. They are far more precious than any bad thing that might happen to us.


Saturday our boiler froze. In the evening, when it gets even colder. But until we figured out what it was and how to fix it (past 23h), we were frustrated and sad and scared with the idea of sleeping in a cold house with temperatures sub zero outside.


We had to cancel our trip. I’m British, yay, but the passport takes up to 6 weeks to arrive, boo.


A guy showed me the finger yesterday because I didn’t let him through in front of me. And I didn’t have to, it was my preference. Yes, I got angry and annoyed and wished him bad. 😦


Now, the bright side of life:






When she was younger, Laura was never so keen in cuddly toys. She has a few, but never got attached to any. But now she is getting into them, maybe under influence of kids at school. I’m almost sure it is. She gets Ua-ua, gives him a cuddle, says “awwwnnnn” and sucks her finger (a weird variation in the photo above, but usually it’s her thumb). I think it’s cute, but I hope she is not moving backwards in her development.


My mum is worried that we might be freezing her. Honestly, it gets cold sometimes, but it’s not too bad.


Happy Valentine’s day!



Laura doesn’t like to repeat words so much – maybe she is shy? I mean, if we are not focussed on making her repeat, sometimes she says full sentences, but as soon as we start with the “repeat: chicken”, she just smiles and that’s it.

Today we read loads of books together and we finally managed to make her repeat the sounds that animals make, like Meow/Miau for cat, oin oin (more like a snorting sound) for pig, neeahhha for horse (she does it perfectly) and a-a-a-a-a-u-u-u-u for monkey. For some reason she can’t say quack, quack, but is also “fluent” imitating tiger/lion, dog and cow.

A couple of words I heard in the last days were:
Pepe (short for pepeta / Chupeta – dummy)
Hiiiiiiii (which is very similar to how she say byeeeee)


It’s public and notorious (does it work in English?) that I hate winter. I don’t feel like leaving the house at all, I simply dread the idea of wrapping up, looking like a bear and still freeze my face. Not to mention the mud.

But poor Laura NEEDS to go out. She is British so she doesn’t care about the cold and the lack of sunlight in this country. Whenever she is grumpy we just say “let’s go out” and her face lights up and she runs to put her coat on. Daddy has been great and taking her out, because I haven’t been in great mood lately. It’s also good for them to bond – Laura is very attached to me (I guess all kids at this age are attached to their mothers) and I would love her to be the same with her dad.

I’m counting the days to spring and a bit of warmth.


Good news, everyone! I have finally started exercising. Last Friday was my first session and I’m in terrible pain today. Good pain. I’m going to start slowly, because I really want to take this seriously.


We are booking our March holidays. One week in Switzerland , where is awfully cold and full of snow. We were going for a resort with child care, but it was so expensive that we gave up. I honestly don’t care about skiing. It’s not something that attracts me, never did, so I happily pass this opportunity. I’ll stay with Laura for the week(*) and will find ways to have fun with her.

(*) I also thought it was really weird to go on a family holiday and dump her in a creche for the whole day while the parents go to do something else. The package also included childcare from 19h to 21h, so parents can eat without being disturbed. Call me crazy, but I think this is weird.