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Patience is a virtue


It’s always good to be patience, but when you are a mother, it is vital. The child is always testing the boundaries, and only patience will help you both get out of this phase successfully.

My latest pay-off for having a lot of patience was regarding breastfeeding. I wrote here several times that I love breastfeeding. Simply love. But there are the times that I wished I had done things differently. Because I also love to have a good night of sleep and, unless you impose some limits since early days, it’s hard to stop breastfeeding in the middle of the night. Specially when you husband doesn’t like all the crying – impossible to stop the evening feeds without a lot of cry.

Anyhoo… I was living with this dilemma. How do I do this? Laura wouldn’t take formula or cow’s milk. She would try it from time to time and even have a whole bottle, but it was once in a lifetime. Then, since last week she started having cow’s milk every day at the nursery. And since this week she’s been having cow’s milk at home as well. Just like that, without being forced to. And because of that, my milk is reducing quite a lot and consequently she wants less breast milk and more cow’s milk.

I love the fact that it is all happening naturally, without any traumas for both of us. She is still far from sleeping from 19h to 7h without waking up for a feed, but with a lot of patience, without rushing things and without being frustrated, I’m sure we will get there soon. And I’m sure I will miss these moments when it’s just the two of us, in silence, in the dark, just holding each other.




I can’t find the time and the energy to update the blog. Just too tired for it, but I miss blogging a lot. It’s some sort of therapy.

We are busy bees this month, with Mr. C working long hours and me having loads of projects to finish. But it’s all good; my only regret is my lack of energy to enjoy my life properly.

Laura is great! We missed her 20th month-versary. 4 more months and my baby is 2 years old. I’m so not ready for it!! She is a petit girl, so she still looks like a 1 year old to me. And she is so adorable and funny.

Here are the words she’s been saying (some all the time, some once in a while), at least the ones I heard and remember:

Oh no: when she does something wrong/or something goes wrong
Nao (portuguese for No)
Mamae, mummy, mama (all 3 languages)
Daddy, papai
What’s this?
It’s gone!
Good girl
Uai/uan (one), tu, tri: she says uan more than the others though
Bye bye (sometimes See ya)
Pi: pig
Bi from bird
Uaua: from portuguese (well) au-au, meaning dog

Yes, she speaks more English than Portuguese, but she understands both very well, perfectly.

There’s more, but they are a bit random and not often. I also have the feeling she thinks the phrases above are just one word.

She also makes up words for her favourite songs, like old macdonald, row row row your boat, twinkle twinkle little star, the wheels on the bus…

But what I like the most is to listen to her conversations in her own language – it’s getting better by the day. One of the girls at the nursery is convinced that she really has her own language, as she repeats several “words”.

Speaking of nursery, by the end of the month she will go to a different class. Most of her friends have moved and there are loads of new and young babies in the room.

I carry on breastfeeding but since these bunch of babies arrived to her class, she has been more into cow’s milk. I can alternate my milk with bottle and – oh dear – sometimes she drinks my skimmed milk with Nesquik (I know!).

I think she is skinny for a baby, but I’m fine with it. I know she won’t be a skinny person forever, so let her enjoy this moment of eat as much as she likes without putting on weight while she can. Funnily enough, she has huge cheeks.

It’s silly, but I think it’s supercute that she gets home and “asks” us to take her jacket off – or tries to remove it herself – just like we do with our coats. It’s the same thing at the nursery: she takes her hat off, then gets help to remove her coat, then the dummy. And she knows that she has to put them on to go out. And change the shoes.

What else? She’s teething again, but I’m not sure where it’s coming from. She still wakes up at least once during the night (good ones), but it can go up to 5 (bad ones), normally one or two drinks, usually back to sleep in few minutes.

Things I’m considering in a near future:
Cut her dummy in the evenings. It will be hard, but I really need to do this.

Potty training. I’m really not looking forward to it. I can imagine how hard it will be to go out with her and don’t find a bathroom nearby! Nappies are so handy.

I think that’s all for now. There’s more, but it takes forever to type on this iphone keyboard.



I completely forgot about this blog – I was meant to post some photos, wasn’t I? My bad, but it will have to be on the weekend.

We are all good – but very tired. Only today I managed to wash a massive pile of dirty clothes, still from Christmas/New Year, organise the mess a tiny bit, go shopping for food (yes, food!) and other boring stuff.

Last weekend wasn’t busy at all, we just went out to the supermarket and to a play centre for kids. Nothing more. But I confess that since back from Romania, I’m even more tired that before. VERY tired. I can barely keep my eyes opened and sometimes I can barely think/speak. It’s sad. By the looks of it, I’ll have to start going to bed at 19h, with Laura, to see if I can rest. Bless her, it’s not only her fault. I simply can’t relax and have a good night of sleep. If she doesn’t wake up, I’ll wake up anyways. Two, three times.

2011 wasn’t a bad year – but it wasn’t as good as 2010. By good I mean eventful. Returning to work in July wasn’t as easy as I thought and hoped it would be. Yes, taking care of a child full time is very hard, but working full time, having to travel to work very early in the morning, run back home, continue “working” for another 3-4 hours, it’s not the best of things. Besides, I’m not eating well, I’m not exercising, I’m not reading, I’m not watching movies. So basically I’m a working machine. I don’t even enjoy my daughter as much as I should/could to be very honest. I need to do something really quick to change this situation.

I am simply in love with Laura’s current phase. Actually since 11 months she’s been just super duper cute and adorable and it just gets better. She is really funny and very tender. Very naughty as well. And she talks and talks and talks. When I get to the nursery to collect her she is the only chatter box in the room. All the other kids do make some sounds or say a feel words, but Laura is none stop, like a radio. Of course, nothing she says makes much sense, at least to us, but it’s cute to see her speaking her own language. Today, when I got there, another mum arrived at the same time. Laura went to her, tapped her leg, and said “bye-bye”, and the woman said “bye, bye Laura”. Apart from a chinese boy named Nathan – which I haven’t seen at all this year – I don’t remember no kids’ names.

Despite being very negligent and – I want to say lazy… – tired, we’ve been planning a few things. Holidays, mainly. I have a problem, you see? I don’t have a valid document to travel, so I cannot leave the country. And this might take a while to sort out. But plan is just a plan and it can change. So the idea is to go somewhere extremely cold for a ski trip. Do I ski? No, no. I don’t know what I’m going to do there – I think Mr. C is feeling guilty to leave me with Laura in London for a week while he has fun with Italiano. But to be fair, I suggested that. I’m definitely not a winter person, even when it is beautiful and white. Please take me to the beach, in summer. But of course I will go to make him happy – if I have a passport by then, that is. We are talking March here. Then mum is coming for Laura’s 2nd birthday (oh gosh, already?!?!?!?) in May and I might take a week in June to go somewhere with her. Then it is Brazil in October – by then I’ll surely have a passport – for only two weeks. And then it’s Christmas/New Year and that over. Talk about planning ahead… But that’s all the planning ahead I can actually act upon.

2012 started a bit sad, with Mari and Vicky moving back to Brazil. I have to say that it is really hard to make friends here – I’m not the type of person who will be friends with people just because they are from the same country as I am. I really need to click with them. And I haven’t been clicking with many people lately. And if I do, they leave or they live far away. And I am very lazy to invest in relationships that are doomed to end. It’s sad, very sad, but I’m just being honest. But I’m still going to make an effort from time to time. Next Thursday I’m meeting with Lillywhites somewhere near our work and there should be some ladies I have never seen before. Lillywhites is lovely, so I’m hoping her ‘contacts’ are as lovely as her. Fingers crossed. In February I’ll have my first sleep over far away from my baby. I’m going to Birmingham for work and there’s a party in the evening. I’m so not into work-do. I don’t have the patience for small talk. My boss will be with me, which, believe it or not, is a good thing.

In 2012 we are also going to our first British wedding – apart from my own. In July, high summer. I need to start loosing weight NOW!

Ok, I’m in Limbo until March, when the days will start to get longer again. I can’t be happy when it’s cold (but winter has been very kind this year, I promise – I’ve seen worse summers) and dark. I need the light to survive. So let’s talk again (and revise this post) in March.

So it’s 2012


I have loads to write about, several pictures to upload, many plans to share, but so little spare time to do so.

I’ve been trying to be good and be more productive in my free time (i.e. unpack, put the rubish out, keep the sink free of dirty dishes…) so blogging hasn’t been a huge priority (although it’s a great hobby and a pleasure, so I need to find time).

I’ll post photos from Xmas tomorrow or on the weekend, since we don’t have big plans.

Well, I always have big plans… Anyhoo.


Since I “can’t” paint the walls, I’ve adopted the stickers. Still work in progress.

Bedtime. Ops, Laura woke up…

Night night!