On being productive


If there’s something I enjoy in life is a productive day. And this weekend was one of those productive days that make me really happy.

I finally managed to organise (sort of) Laura’s toys in the living room. I separated the ones that she is too old to play with (yet she insist in playing with them just because I’m trying to put them away), found all the bits and pieces of most of the toys, put them in individual boxes and… That was about it and I’m proud enough of my work. It did take me a few hours to do so.

Next task in the list: sort out her clothes. She has loads that don’t fit her anymore but are still in the drawers. Yesterday we went shopping and I got her first 18-24 months clothes, which are of course slightly big for her. But it’s better to be big than small.

And, once this is all done, I’m going to plan the shelves to her bedroom. I’ve been willing to do this for ages, but I have never the inspiration and vision of what I want to do. Plus I need hubby’s support (help) on this one. But this is a project for 2012.

And to finalise the productive weekend, we also got most of our Christmas presents. Just two or three more and we are done. But I know exactly what to get.

In the meantime, I have to plan meetings with friends before our trip to Romania.


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