6 weeks til Xmas


Not that I’m counting… I’m not, I promise. Someone at work mentioned it. I’ve been so busy with work that I barely have time to think about other things.

I do have time to eat though, always. Yum yum. I went to a restaurant near work with Lelei today and had macaroni cheese. Love comfort food when is cold and dark. Yum yum.

I also managed to negotiate with hubby to cover me on Friday evening so I could go to an event. It should be fun and it will be the first time I’ll have a night out without being work related since Laura’s was born. I don’t complain, not at all, especially because hubby is not coming along. But I’m quite happy with the opportunity. I hope it’s really as good as I was told because it’s going to be such a long day for me.

Now, what I’m really looking forward to is our trip to Romania in December. My mother in law is just the best mother in law I could have hoped for. She looks after us so well and I really rest when I’m there (and eat well too). If I could, I would get my mum and my mother in law to move to London. Life would be so much easier! (for us, not sure for them, although they would love to see Laura growing up).


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