Growing up


Little baby isn’t a little baby for a long long time.

And in the last couple of months she has developed so quickly! We can see the difference and progress on a daily basis!

Today the lady at the nursery was praising my baby, saying how intelligent and clever she is, and that all the she is lacking is the actual speech, but apart from that, she understands everything.

When she asks Laura to get her a fish, he will go around the room checking all the toys and she will come back with two fish. She knows the name of all kids and care takers in her room. She reads stories, she knows the choreography of almost all nursery rhymes. She has a few boyfriends in the class, the latest one being a boy with whitish hair that can’t walk yet – apparently this is why she likes him: he can’t scape from her.

It’s so cute how she carefully puts her dummy down – sometimes on the floor if she can’t find a better place – when she wants to talk or eat or put something else in her mouth.

She know how to turn the TV on, knows that she needs to press buttons of two remote controls and she knows exactly which ones they are (we have a couple of controls for her to play with).

She is so articulated when she chats in her own language. She points out things, she pauses, thinks, continues, does the “ahmmm” between sentences…

Now some photos taken before her bed time:


New fashion: pony tail to hold her looooooong hair!


Writing on mummy’s work notebook.


Checking mummy’s bag.


She recognized mummy in her work pass.


New toy, arrived today, daddy’s gift. Awnnn.


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