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We had an amazing weekend; another one. Maya’s party on Saturday, fake Thanksgiving lunch on Sunday. Lots of fun, chat, laughter and food.

But Laura’s cold got worse and she can’t sleep since Sunday, and neither do we. Tonight was the worst night in ages, literally no sleep. I’m like a zombie now and I guess the day will be long and painful.

Other than that, she is fine, playful, a chatter box (geez, this little lady likes talking), and very cute.

We gave her some bath crayons, and you can see in the photo above that it’s great fun for all the family. It comes off with water very easily, so I highly recommend it.

Very lazy to put the Christmas tree up, but I think we will have to think about it this weekend.


Guess who is 18 today?


18 months, that is.

Laura is 1 and 1/2 year old and more adorable than ever:

* She is a fast learner. Yesterday I sang to her the 5 Little Monkeys song and she learned most of the “choreography” in minutes. Today, driving back from nursery, she was singing “nomonam”, “manmanman” as in “no more monkeys” with her little finger waving “no”.

* It’s not a proud mom talk – the ladies at the nursery seem to be “impressed” with how quickly she learns things. ¬†She knows all the ladies’ and the kids’ names, even the new ones. She knows their names, but can’t say them. So how do we know that she knows their names? If you ask “where’s Nathan?”, she looks around looking for Nathan and points at the right kid.

* Yes, she knows everybody, but she decided that Leanne was the Hyena. Ayse was looking a book with animals pictures in it and asking “where’s the lion? where’s the elephant? where’s the giraffe?” and she pointed at the correct animal pictures. When she asked “where’s the hyena?”, Laura looked around until she found Leanne and pointed at her. And it was like this on and on and on and on, to the point that the ladies would call other staff members to see it! This was a few days ago and it is still the case.

* She is getting better and better at cuddling. Today she gave me the most amazing hug ever and stay like that for a while. She also loves touching her cheeks on our cheeks. Or caressing our arms. And even her toys and some photos get this VIP treatment. Sometimes followed by an “ooowwwwwwwnnnnn” sound.

* She eats almost all sort of things. She used to like cauliflower, but not anymore. She eats vegetables cut in small pieces with her food, but what she really likes is tomatoes. And rice. And raisins and yogurt. But doesn’t drink cow’s milk.

* Yes, she still breastfeeds. Before bedtime, minimum once in the middle of the night (but it can be up to three times) and maybe once when we wake up. Weekends this increases at least once during the day. I have a dilemma: yes, I do want to stop, to sleep a whole night. But yes, I do love breastfeeding her, I love calming her down when she is upset, I love bonding, I love having her in my arms. I miss her when I doesn’t wake up to feed in the middle of the night, I love hearing the “blub, blub, blub” from her drinking milk. I’m crazy.

* She loves running (I guess it’s a kid’s thing).

* She suffers with teething: a lot of pain, loose poo, nappy rash, bad mood, poor sleep… this time, no fever, which is great. Yes, she is teething again. 13 teeth and another 3 on their way? I think. Good thing is that she hasn’t been seriously ill – just a cold here and there, but nothing major, nothing too worrying. Having said that, we worry all the time and even a blocked nose (I have mine every day) is enough to keep us awake.

* She stopped throwing things on the floor. Now she carefully places anything on the floor.

* She dances, she chats, she talks on the phone, she is messy.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing other cool things that she has learned in these 18 months.

Happy monthversary, little baby!

On being productive


If there’s something I enjoy in life is a productive day. And this weekend was one of those productive days that make me really happy.

I finally managed to organise (sort of) Laura’s toys in the living room. I separated the ones that she is too old to play with (yet she insist in playing with them just because I’m trying to put them away), found all the bits and pieces of most of the toys, put them in individual boxes and… That was about it and I’m proud enough of my work. It did take me a few hours to do so.

Next task in the list: sort out her clothes. She has loads that don’t fit her anymore but are still in the drawers. Yesterday we went shopping and I got her first 18-24 months clothes, which are of course slightly big for her. But it’s better to be big than small.

And, once this is all done, I’m going to plan the shelves to her bedroom. I’ve been willing to do this for ages, but I have never the inspiration and vision of what I want to do. Plus I need hubby’s support (help) on this one. But this is a project for 2012.

And to finalise the productive weekend, we also got most of our Christmas presents. Just two or three more and we are done. But I know exactly what to get.

In the meantime, I have to plan meetings with friends before our trip to Romania.

6 weeks til Xmas


Not that I’m counting… I’m not, I promise. Someone at work mentioned it. I’ve been so busy with work that I barely have time to think about other things.

I do have time to eat though, always. Yum yum. I went to a restaurant near work with Lelei today and had macaroni cheese. Love comfort food when is cold and dark. Yum yum.

I also managed to negotiate with hubby to cover me on Friday evening so I could go to an event. It should be fun and it will be the first time I’ll have a night out without being work related since Laura’s was born. I don’t complain, not at all, especially because hubby is not coming along. But I’m quite happy with the opportunity. I hope it’s really as good as I was told because it’s going to be such a long day for me.

Now, what I’m really looking forward to is our trip to Romania in December. My mother in law is just the best mother in law I could have hoped for. She looks after us so well and I really rest when I’m there (and eat well too). If I could, I would get my mum and my mother in law to move to London. Life would be so much easier! (for us, not sure for them, although they would love to see Laura growing up).

First words


If you ask me what was Laura’s first word, I wouldn’t know. I’m inclined to say mama just because it’s the one that she says all the time.

She said a million different words but only once or twice, so I can’t say she knows what she is saying. But lately she’s been repeating bye bye and… Zebra. Yeah, zebra. Great first word, isn’t it? And it varies: zeba, zebua, beba…

She keeps learning loads – she knows loads of animals by now – but not speaking much. We met a little girl at the park, a month and a bit older than Laura and she speaks a lot. But doesn’t do much physically. Her grandmother said it is probably because they talk a lot with her but don’t play much.

Whatever. I don’t mind the Fact that Laura doesn’t speak much because I know that went she starts, I’ll be begging for a moment of silence.