Little baby at 17, almost 18


She has about 12 teeth, with more on their way – I think it will be like this from now on: a new tooth every month, taking 4 weeks to come off and making the poor girl suffer all the way through.

She loves playing “catch me if you can”, even with younger babies that can’t walk yet. She had loads of fun with Vicky on Sunday!

She loves books.

She loves nursery rhymes.

She loves to imitate us.

She claps her hands whenever she thinks she did something right. I taught her to throw rubbish in the rubbish bin; she claps her hands whenever she throws something in the bin, even when it is a spoon or her bib. She does the same at the nursery. When the ladies are telling a kid off for climbing on the table, she climbs on the table and gets down, just to show she can do it. And, of course, she claps her hands.

She doesn’t kiss much. She treats kisses as gold and uses them with caution.

She likes to explore her mouth with her tongue, which is very amusing to watch.

She’s sleeping on her own most of the time, meaning I don’t have to rock her to sleep 95% of the time. Can’t say the same about daddy.

She is cheekier than ever. Her new trick is to stretch her leg as far as possible when we are dressing her up, so we can’t put on her trousers. She thinks it’s hilarious and so do we.

She has been quite attached to mummy lately, which is very sweet and I love it, but it’s quite hard as well, as I can barely do stuff, like cook, wash the dishes and go for a wee.

She tries to put on all clothes she finds lying around, even mine. She understands the concept of putting shirts through her head, but she doesn’t really get it right yet. Same for shoes.


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