I had problems to upload this blog, so I created an alternative one. Until I figure out what I’m going to do, I’ve just imported the posts from the other one here.

Here is my little cupcake showing that she is a big girl now. She’s been using a spoon for a while now – she has always been eating on her own, but before it used to be less civilized – but this is the first time I caught it in camera.

She is almost turning 17 months and she gets cuter and funnier by the day. Yes, we are having some really tough days with her lack of sleep, but other than that, she has been brilliant. Eating like a big girl – sometimes she eats TWO plates of food, active, loving and healthy.

I just can’t get enough of her (although I could use with some good nights of sleep to love her even more).


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  1. So cute cute…
    She looks even cuter using her hands other than a spoon! LOL I just love messy babies, all covered in food, laughing…
    I’m so impressed by her hair, reapeating myself, I know! But it’s grown so much! My girls are much balder! 😦

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