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Just the two of us


We had a great Sunday, but I totally forgot to take photos!! Laura was dressed as little pumpkin for Halloween, she had a great time with Vicky, we all had an amazing time with friends and absolutely NO photos to share!!!

Too busy being happy! 🙂

Old photo for you.



Summertime is gone


So, clocks went back an hour. It means that it’s 23h but my body thinks it’s midnight and way past bedtime. It also means that baby is going to bed at 19h but she thinks it’s 20h and gets very grumpy and tired. And it means that at 6h, when I wake up, it’s not so dark anymore.


Little baby at 17, almost 18


She has about 12 teeth, with more on their way – I think it will be like this from now on: a new tooth every month, taking 4 weeks to come off and making the poor girl suffer all the way through.

She loves playing “catch me if you can”, even with younger babies that can’t walk yet. She had loads of fun with Vicky on Sunday!

She loves books.

She loves nursery rhymes.

She loves to imitate us.

She claps her hands whenever she thinks she did something right. I taught her to throw rubbish in the rubbish bin; she claps her hands whenever she throws something in the bin, even when it is a spoon or her bib. She does the same at the nursery. When the ladies are telling a kid off for climbing on the table, she climbs on the table and gets down, just to show she can do it. And, of course, she claps her hands.

She doesn’t kiss much. She treats kisses as gold and uses them with caution.

She likes to explore her mouth with her tongue, which is very amusing to watch.

She’s sleeping on her own most of the time, meaning I don’t have to rock her to sleep 95% of the time. Can’t say the same about daddy.

She is cheekier than ever. Her new trick is to stretch her leg as far as possible when we are dressing her up, so we can’t put on her trousers. She thinks it’s hilarious and so do we.

She has been quite attached to mummy lately, which is very sweet and I love it, but it’s quite hard as well, as I can barely do stuff, like cook, wash the dishes and go for a wee.

She tries to put on all clothes she finds lying around, even mine. She understands the concept of putting shirts through her head, but she doesn’t really get it right yet. Same for shoes.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Last Friday we had a big internal event to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness, where some of the guys were dressed as ladies and sold cakes, raffle tickets and pins. Last year, they raise £1,300 in the building. This year they were expecting to break the record. I baked brownies and cupcakes for them – loads of people either baked or bought yummy cakes. We had so much that half of it was still there when I left. Mine were all gone though. 🙂 I bought someone else’s brownie (OMG I need the recipe, so yummy), a chocolate cookie and an “original” macaroon. All very yummy, and all handmade.




The day wasn’t as good as planned. Laura is ill again.

We had two very tough weeks with her teeth coming out big time. No proper sleeping in this house. Then we had a fantastic week, with Laura sleeping from 19h on her own (meaning I didn’t have to rock her to sleep), waking up only once and then sleeping until 6-7h. I couldn’t believe our luck.

And since Sunday… fever, fever, fever. The problem here is: you have to give calpol or ibuprofen for 3 days before going to the GP. Then, if the fever persists, the GP will probably prescribe antibiotics. My problem with this is that sometimes antibiotics is a little bit too much, especially if don’t examine the child. Anyhoo, the thing is Laura was enjoying Calpol/Ibuprofen, she asked for it. But this week, no way Jose. We had to force it down her throat, and more than half would be wasted. And today, for the first time this week, the nursery called me to pick her up earlier. I got there, she was sleeping – her second nap of the day, and when we got home, she slept again. Basically, she is not her normal self.

I don’t think it’s teething (although she has teeth coming through, always), I think she caught a nasty cold.


We are going to Romania for Christmas. I’m looking forward to getting out of London, resting a bit, trying to empty my head of office work and homework. I just wish it was summer there. I’m so not ready for winter…


Despite her feverish period, Laura is just adorable. We are having so much fun with her. She’s been sleeping in our bed since Sunday and can I say? I’m loving it. I love how she puts her leg around me, how she climbs on me – sleeping – when I turn my back on her, how she holds me face with both hands when I turn myself to her. I think bed sharing is more damaging to the mother than to the child. I am so addicted.

And I’ve been missing her more than ever when I’m at work. I miss her so much that it hurts.

She is starting to repeat what we say – it’s not like she is speaking if you know what a mean. She just repeats, sometimes just once, and that’s all. Once of these days we were playing the same old “I’m gonna catch you” game (in Portuguese “eu vou pegar voce”), and she repeated the whole sentence. Mr. C and I were a bit in shock and couldn’t believe our ears! But that was it. The show was over. boo hoo.


And as I was writing this post, I heard her complaining in her bedroom. I went there and guess what? her nappy opened (?) and the mattress and her PJs were all wet. Great, uh? Even better having to change the sheet and her clothes on my own. But she behaved alright despite being so sleepy. Oh, and no fever now. Phew.


Husband is working too hard, being at home after 21h. One of these days he was home when both Laura and I were fast asleep, and because he doesn’t like to be left out of the party (i.e. all the stress I went through with her fever), he had to wake us both to give her medication.


I’m going to try to sleep early today. Early as in before 22h. Fingers crossed.