16 months today but…


No photos (yet).

Laura is great, such a happy and playful baby and quite funny as well.

She is doing great at the nursery, eating all her meals and emptying the plate most of the time. Yesterday she had all her morrocan lamb with couscous for lunch – something I would have eaten but probably not enjoyed.

She’s also proving to be an outgoing child. The ladies at the nursery told me that she hasn’t been crying at all and when she sees a child crying, she tries to comfort them. I saw once her trying to talk to a crying girl and because she didn’t stop crying, she went to one of the ladies and pointed at the girl and talked to them in her language. From the distance it seemed like she was saying: “look, she is upset, aren’t you going to do something? Hold her and she will stop”. Supercute.

Another cute situation also happened yesterday. Apparently she was showing the place and the toys to a new boy who had just started, like “I’m a veteran, like me show you around”.

Interesting thing (not sure if I want to say annoying) though is that she is fine the whole day, but as soon as she sees me she cries (more like moan), and throws a tantrum. I’ve seem her several times from the distance, she is happy, chatty and playing on her own and with others (yesterday she was chatting to one of the dads) but as soon as she sees me, it is always the same thing. The situation was different yesterday morning though. As soon as she saw her carer she let go of my hand and went to her, not even saying goodbye to mum.

Is funny to see how she is shy (or is it her charm?) when people approach her. She covers her face, look down and opens a shy smile. It’s very cute, but not sure where this comes from. Even with daddy in the morning and/or evenings.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to update on the latest news from our lovely baby, who very soon will be 18 months and full of new news, so I’ve heard. To be fair, I find the phase post 10 months (or I would say since she was 7 months and started crawling) all full of new news, almost on a daily basis.


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  1. morrocan lamb with couscous – mmm tasty!!
    And the caring from others is super cute indeed, awwwnnn!!!
    The tantrums thing is quite common I think. Tente ignorar e não chamar a atenção, será que ela está já se acostumando com negative feedback? : Tente só dar atenção quando ela vier bonitinha e dar um positive feedback ver se ajuda!

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