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Old but funny!


The crazy woman laughing at the back is me!


Life in Pictures


(the previous post was #600! Hurray! This blog has way more posts than the previous one, live since 2006!!)


We are all good here, Mr. C working very hard. I’m adapting to the new job and starting to have a lot to do (but still loving every minute at work). Laura sleeping better, still coughing, but nothing major. 4 new teeth out at the same time with another 2 (?) in the queue. She has TWO boyfriends at school – Noah and I forgot the name of the other one. Smarty! She is getting cuter by the day. I was getting her ready for her bath this afternoon and she decided to play with the toilet paper while the bathtub was being filled. Guess what she did?! She cleaned herself with the toilet paper, just like an adult!!!! It was so funny! She is getting better at this monkey-see, monkey-do game. I feel guilty and sorry for not taking more pictures and filming her more often – every day is something hilarious! At least I hope these moments will stay in my memory.

Now photos: everyone’s favourite! The four last ones are just to share my last purchases on eBay. 🙂

She is so into sun glasses now - at least for 2 minutes!

Only a baby to look cute in pink boots and yellow shorts, uh?

Awwwnnnnn, I'll squeeze these two

New toy (not so new now)

So adorable in red

In the park!

Mummy doesn't want to talk about her wrinkles and baggy eyes

Mummy's doll

This pair cost £1.20. That's right: one pound and twenty pence.

That was an impulse buy. These laces... hmmm....

Beautiful, but too high for me. I have another one in cream.

It is worse than it seems. I CANNOT walk on those. Way too high and I can't stretch my legs!!!

Giant pillows



Hubby had a bad allergy crisis last week so we rush off to Ikea to buy new pillows. I’m not familiar with ikea’s pillow guide so I chose the high ones, for side sleepers.

You can’t see properly in the photo, but these pillows are HUGE. I had to take them in the middle of the night because my back was hurting.

Will I adapt to them or will I have to go to Ikea again?

Back to school


As part of my “something different” project, I went back to the books. For the last month, I was learning about the UK in order to take the Life in the UK test.

The test is one of the requirements to apply for British citizenship. Fair enough: if you want a British passport, the least you should do is to speak the language and know a bit about the country.

I took the test today and passed. Next step is to fill in a 15 page form and pay several hundreds of pounds and wait.

Hopefully the whole household will be 100% British in 2012.

P.s.: I still need to register Laura in the Brazilian consulate – at the moment she is only British.



Yesterday I went to manchester for work (what else would it be?). Left the house at the usual time, at 7, and got back almost 8pm. I’m so not used to that and am feeling dead!!

I’m glad it’s Friday and normally I sleep until 9am on weekends!

Shame I don’t have energy because the weather is beautiful and is calling for a walk in the park. Not to mention that soon it will start to get dark earlier and I’ll miss the sunshine.

Photos of little Laura to come this weekend.