Hurray, it’s Friday!


And it was a beautiful Friday. I went for a venue visit and had the opportunity to catch some sun. I also had lunch outdoors, in a long lunch-meeting. And the day went by really quick.

Throwing a tantrum is Laura’s new thing. Daddy witnessed one this morning and Aisha, Laura’s carer, another one around her nap time. She was tired, Aisha was busy putting another child to sleep, Laura didn’t want another carer, so she threw herself on the floor, screamed, kicked her legs and… fell asleep, on the floor. Is this a test for what the terrible twos are supposed to be? Woop Woop!

Laura is doing great at the nursery, eating very well – it’s such a relief to know that, and it’s even taking her two 30-45 minute naps every day. Woop woop! She is pooing 3 to 4 times a day – apparently eating and pooing is a sign that the child is relaxed in the environment.  Let’s hope it’s true. And although little one wants to have someone always nearby, she is also very independent when it comes to eating. She doesn’t allow anybody to feed her – she wants to eat on her own. Aisha didn’t believe me when I told her this before Laura started at the nursery. Mummy is proud of her little big girl.

Here is a sneak peek of Laura doing her weird dance moves:


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