Another Never done before


This morning, while on the train to work, I was thinking about something different to do today. When I left the station, I was decided I was going to have a relaxed morning – I was late to work and I would have a decent warm breakfast somewhere. I was already dreaming about scrambled eggs & bacon on toast. It was when I spotted a guy selling The Big Issue magazine and I decided to change my plans completely.

This week's issue

I’ve always wanted to buy this magazine, just to see what it is about – and it’s not bad. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a magazine run by a charity that helps the homeless and vulnerable housed people, as their website describe. It’s a weekly publication and it costs 2 pounds. What I didn’t know was that the vendor pays 1 pound for it – so they keep 1 pound for themselves. What I didn’t understand is if this guys have to pay for the magazine in advance and what happens if they don’t sell the magazines… anyway, maybe I’ll ask them one day.

The thing is, normally the magazine vendors are very sympathetic, always say good morning to you, but have very sad eyes. You can see the suffering through them. When I approached this guy, I said good morning and he replied with a smile. The I gave him the 2 pound coin and he seemed very surprised – oh, you want the magazine!? And he thanked me and wished me a good day. I didn’t buy it just for the sake of helping the guy – I wanted to read it and I did, on my way back home. And I might buy it every week; it’s only 8 pounds a month. Probably the price I would have paid for a nice breakfast in central London, minus the calories.


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  1. It is a very good magazine indeed. I used to buy more, but now we hardly go out, maybe I will buy again when I go back to London =)
    I think they pay afterwards when they go return the magazines they don’t sell…

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