4th day of Laura at the nursery and apparently her best day so far. At home, not too bad, but not great either. We got home slightly later than usual because of the traffic (because of the rain?) and although very tired, Laura had some fruits, played a bit and watched some cartoons, while I was cooking dinner.

Time for bath and bed. I don’t know if I was still impressed by super nanny episodes I watched the evening before, but Laura put up her worst tantrum to date. I simply couldn’t give her a bath, she would stay in the bath tub, arching her back, stretching her legs, screaming, throwing herself on the floor, etc. I was so overwhelmed with the scene that I did what every exhausted mother would do: I laughed, and laughed hard. It wasn’t a great scene to watch, but since it was Laura’s first big tantrum and after watching so many super nanny episodes, I thought it was hilarious.

Anyway, no bath for Laura today, but I managed to clean her a bit with the wet wipes. She had a bit of milk and was so so so so so sleepy that I decided to try something different today (remember the “something different” every now and then?): let her sleep on her own, without rocking her. So I put her down in bed, massaged her back a bit and off she went. It was quite quick, but as soon as I left the room, she started crying. It was more complaint than cry and I left her there for about 10 minutes (dinner was still cooking – almost burning to be honest). She kept complaining and  because I didn’t pick her up, she made another scandal in her cot. I simple gave her the dummy and massaged her tummy a little and in 10 minutes she was fast asleep. This was a couple of hours ago, and she is still sleeping. Fingers crossed we will have a good night of sleep – the past two nights she slept in our bed. She sleeps, I don’t (although I love kissing and cuddling her in the middle of the night).

As promised, here is a video. Laura chatting on the phone to her imaginary friend and telling all about her grandparents’ visit to the UK. A bit long – she is a chatter box.


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  1. Loved the video, it must be PMS cause I felt like crying (so overwhelmed)! But you must get a cordless phone for the little one than she’ll be able to chat all over the house!

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