oooh, two posts in a week!


And it’s only the second day of the week. Hurray!

And I’m multi-tasking: cooking dinner, reading blogs, organising the mess a little bit, eating and blogging. Because… who needs to rest anyway?

Less than 2 weeks to finish the old work. I can’t wait! I mean, I will miss it loads and I’m involved in many different nice projects, but I’m so tired and it’s so frustrating to put a lot of effort in a project that I won’t be there to see how it went. The days seem quite long – and I’ve been missing a lot Lil’ Laura, so much that it hurts. I have some photos of her next to my monitor and whenever I think about her and look at the photos, by breasts hurt.

I look at her every single day and I miss her so much

We found a replacement for my role – it’s one of my sweethearts at work. We worked together quite closely so he knows a lot of the work anyway. Next week will be my handover week, so will spend a lot of time with him. And to avoid any weird thoughts, let me tell you that despite him being gorgeous, he is just a kid and has a boyfriend (who is also gorgeous).

I found a shop selling (very expensive) Melissa shoes

I’ve been trying to do same things differently – not every day because I don’t have the patience, but whenever I can… I am a creature of habit and changing my routine is a bit traumatic. For example, I walk the same route to work every day for at least 3 years. It’s always the same streets, the same zebra crossing, the same lights. So last week I decided I was going to take a different route. In the beginning it was hard: I froze, I couldn’t get my feet to go where I wanted and ended up going the same way as usual. But I had a second opportunity to change itinerary and this time I succeeded. And the things you discover just by changing slightly your habits?

I found a shop selling the very popular Brazilian plastic shoes, Melissa.

I rather not have plastic Oxfords...

Although I think they are cute, I find Melissa shoes very uncomfortable. If I can use socks, fine, but bare feet. Geez, they burn my skin, my feet get sweaty, I get billion of blisters. So painful. Too painful for little glamour.

Sale: from 85 pounds to 55! A bargain.

The styles in this shop were very limited and there was nothing I would really die for. And so expensive. I have no idea how much these shoes are costing in Brazil, but I would never pay 55 pounds on a flip flop!

By the way, here is a cool Melissa video, although you can’t see one single pair of shoes:

There is a big chance that I WON’T keep my phone number when I leave work. Apparently I cannot keep it because it wasn’t mine before I joined the company. Sad, because I have this number for four years and I put it down everywhere as my main contact. Boohoo. So, I’m trying to back up some of my stuff, mainly photos and videos for now, but soon all my contacts.

I found some oldish photos and I’ll share with you:

Early morning, on my pyjamas

Yes, she is crying. She feels very hurt when she wants a cuddle and we put her down. I was trying to take a photo of her in her pyjamas and, oh boy, she didn’t like that. That’s ok, mummy likes cuddles too.

I love ice cream - just like mum

She loves ice cream. Funny enough, she hasn’t been keen in the desserts at the nursery. For the second consecutive day (well, she has only been there for two days anyway) she has skipped dessert. I’ve asked the girls to avoid giving her anything that wasn’t fruit – they have things like trifles and brownies sometimes – but I didn’t want her to look other kids eating and think it’s forbidden. So I said that if she tries to steal from other kids, it was ok to give her but a small portion. Even though they offered her the trifle and a fruit sundae and she didn’t touch both. On the other hand, she eats all her fruits and the dessert at tea time, which was melon today.


My main concern with her having sweets is that she develops a sweet tooth, like her mum. I’m fine with her eating sweets as long as she eats her meals and enjoys fruits and vegetables alike. I don’t like vegetables, if I could I would never eat them, I don’t feel any pleasure eating them and even the ones I try and think “hmm, ok, tasty even”, I could do without. Although I like fruits, I can easily replace them with ice cream or condensed milk or chocolate. So you can see why I fear for my daughter, eh?

Another one with the palm tree

Not to mention the tendency of putting on weight. I spent a week sick and lost 2 kg, as soon as I got better and had two decent meals (lunch and dinner), I was 2.5kg fatter. It’s depressing. And daddy doesn’t have a slim figure either, so Lil’ Laura will have to keep both eyes open – or just be a happy chubby girl, which is totally acceptable (in this country).

Out and about

I need to go back to the gym, urgently. Tomorrow! But I won’t. I need some time to adjust into my life. Too much information: saying goodbye to old job, hello to the new one, Laura at the nursery and juggling with pick up-play-bathe-feed-put to bed routine, organise the house (not clean, I really mean organise)…

I need some holidays. 🙂


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  1. Chris, que fofinha a Laura de chupeta acordando!! Adorei saber sobre seu new job!! Congratulations e muito boa sorte!!!

  2. Lia tb não é fã de doces, aliás, chocolate ela pede e cospe! Inacreditável que ela é minha filha! O que acontece com essas meninas? Será que só desenvolvemos a paixão por doces mais velhas assim como só comecei a gostar de vinho depois dos 25?
    E, infelizmente, é difícil controlar o q elas comem na creche, se um come, todos querem e aí já viu, né?

  3. Duas coisas que amoooo na Oscar Freire: Essa loja da Melissa com essa parede LIIIINDAAA de post it e a loja das Havainas! A da Melissa eu nunca comprei nada, porque penso como vc, mas que é linda é!

  4. I also hate Melissinha, they make the feet sweat and I am not a fan of that at all!! And maybe Laura is skipping deserts because she is already full? 🙂

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