First day at the nursery


Daddy has the difficult task of dropping baby off in the mornings. She screams her lungs out, hold him tight and is very upset when he leaves. Mummy has the pleasant task of collecting her at the end of the day. She is all smiley and happy, playing outdoors with other kids.

We all survived the first day at nursery. The feedback of the carer was that overall she had a great day, but she would cry a lot if her key carer wasn’t around. And she would get mad if the key carer was looking after another kid. It seems that Laura has bonded with her carer pretty quickly and is very jealous of her. She ate well. She didn’t want breakfast, the boring cereal and milk, very popular here, but ate all her fruits during snack time. She ate 3/4 of her lunch, but didn’t want dessert (uh?). Ate 3/4 of her tea (dinner?) and the whole pudding (dessert in “British English”), which was banana bread. At home, she just had 1/2 of a fromage frais and her bedtime milk. Oh, and apparently she had cow’s milk at the nursery – she was stealing other kids’ bottles, so the carer gave her some milk.

She had two 35 minute naps during the day and, although very tired when she got home, she had the energy to dance a little and play a little and she fought to go to sleep. And she has already waken up once tonight. Hmmm, let’s see how it goes.

But overall daddy and mummy are pleased with the experience and are sure that medium to long term this is the best option for our little one.


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  1. They do much better than us, they adapt easily and we keep on missing them, no stop!
    And she’ll get along with all the care takers, but she’s used to have the full attention of one person, you! So give her time to adapt!

  2. Glad everything went well on the first day at nursery. It makes our lives so much easier when the little ones are happy.Good luck with your new job and being a working mum.

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