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Lot’s going on, but very few worth a post. Will write more later. Some pictures to fill the silence:

New car seat

We never forget our 1st bra

1st drink in two years

Yellow gifts from work - very on brand (SpongeBob brand)

Laura taking pics of mummy


Goodbye and hello!


Today was my last day at work. I felt very sad – at some point it even physically hurt. But changes are good, changes are needed. I’m starting on my new job on Thursday – I wished I had more time for myself, but one can’t haver everything.

Playing with mum's hats

This past week was a nightmare. So much to do but still had to leave at 4pm to be able to collect Laura at the nursery. Poor thingy wasn’t that great this week. It seems like she is teething again and hasn’t been in a great mood. But she is not too bad either. She gets funnier by the day.

'This one fits perfectly'

As soon as we get home, she goes to the kitchen, points to the cupboard and gets a bit angry that I don’t understand what she wants. Well, I don’t understand “uh, uh, uh”. She needs to speak, not uh-uh-uh me. Because I don’t “understand” what she wants, I simply put her on the table and let her open the cupboard. Cheeky monkey, she knows exactly where to go: the cookie box.

Hmmm, there's a black version as well

Today, although tired, she was in a very good mood when she got home. She danced, laughed, talked to and played with the flowers I got from work… She went to bed a little later than usual, mostly my fault – I took my time to start her bedtime routine, still overwhelmed with my day at work.

Lemme try this one...

But she is still and despite a troubled start, she fell asleep on her own, in her cot, without me having to rock her for ages (I did rock her, but because I wanted to cuddle her a bit).

We have a bank holiday on Monday, the last one until Christmas. No plans. Seems like hubby will have to work, boo hoo. He is having a hard time at work, with a lot to do.

All cutsie to go out - last weekend

As for me, all I want is to rest and to organise the mess here. It’s driving me crazy. I also need to buy some clothes for the new job. And shoes. And bags. No biggie. I know exactly what I need and won’t buy anything extra.

Sleeping in the new car seat. So uncomfortable...

Can you believe it’s almost September? Four more months and 2011 is gone!

Laura at 15 months


* She doesn’t like to wash her hair
* She doesn’t say intelligible words (well, if you pay very close attention, yes, you might hear a few things here and there)
* She wants to go up and downstairs standing up – but unless she has something to hold on to, she can’t. But she insists.
* She eats by herself – it’s a nightmare to feed her
* She tries all sort of food and she eats almost everything
* She loves fruits
* She loves beds
* She loves other kids
* She covers her eyes when she is shy
* She loves to wear nice clothes and likes to show off if we say she looks pretty
* She still breastfeeds – and still wakes up in the middle of the night to have milk
* She drinks cow’s milk at the nursery, but not at home
* She loves raisins – it’s a great way to keep her quiet
* She loves her dummy – it’s a great way to keep her quiet and calm
* She loves airplanes, birds and flowers
* She understands English, Portuguese and Romanian
* She gives you “high five”
* She caresses your face if you ask (faz carinho; ai, daga daga?)
* She likes talking on the phone with imaginary people, but not with real people (although she listens for a while)
* She screams
* She has 6 teeth with another 4 very visible under her gums
* She likes photos, especially photos of babies, herself, mum and dad
* She loves music and likes dancing
* She is not ready for potty training
* She has straight hair on the top of her head and curly hair at the back

Today my little baby turns 15 months – a toddler, but still my baby.

Another Never done before


This morning, while on the train to work, I was thinking about something different to do today. When I left the station, I was decided I was going to have a relaxed morning – I was late to work and I would have a decent warm breakfast somewhere. I was already dreaming about scrambled eggs & bacon on toast. It was when I spotted a guy selling The Big Issue magazine and I decided to change my plans completely.

This week's issue

I’ve always wanted to buy this magazine, just to see what it is about – and it’s not bad. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a magazine run by a charity that helps the homeless and vulnerable housed people, as their website describe. It’s a weekly publication and it costs 2 pounds. What I didn’t know was that the vendor pays 1 pound for it – so they keep 1 pound for themselves. What I didn’t understand is if this guys have to pay for the magazine in advance and what happens if they don’t sell the magazines… anyway, maybe I’ll ask them one day.

The thing is, normally the magazine vendors are very sympathetic, always say good morning to you, but have very sad eyes. You can see the suffering through them. When I approached this guy, I said good morning and he replied with a smile. The I gave him the 2 pound coin and he seemed very surprised – oh, you want the magazine!? And he thanked me and wished me a good day. I didn’t buy it just for the sake of helping the guy – I wanted to read it and I did, on my way back home. And I might buy it every week; it’s only 8 pounds a month. Probably the price I would have paid for a nice breakfast in central London, minus the calories.

Hurray, it’s Friday!


And it was a beautiful Friday. I went for a venue visit and had the opportunity to catch some sun. I also had lunch outdoors, in a long lunch-meeting. And the day went by really quick.

Throwing a tantrum is Laura’s new thing. Daddy witnessed one this morning and Aisha, Laura’s carer, another one around her nap time. She was tired, Aisha was busy putting another child to sleep, Laura didn’t want another carer, so she threw herself on the floor, screamed, kicked her legs and… fell asleep, on the floor. Is this a test for what the terrible twos are supposed to be? Woop Woop!

Laura is doing great at the nursery, eating very well – it’s such a relief to know that, and it’s even taking her two 30-45 minute naps every day. Woop woop! She is pooing 3 to 4 times a day – apparently eating and pooing is a sign that the child is relaxed in the environment. ┬áLet’s hope it’s true. And although little one wants to have someone always nearby, she is also very independent when it comes to eating. She doesn’t allow anybody to feed her – she wants to eat on her own. Aisha didn’t believe me when I told her this before Laura started at the nursery. Mummy is proud of her little big girl.

Here is a sneak peek of Laura doing her weird dance moves:


4th day of Laura at the nursery and apparently her best day so far. At home, not too bad, but not great either. We got home slightly later than usual because of the traffic (because of the rain?) and although very tired, Laura had some fruits, played a bit and watched some cartoons, while I was cooking dinner.

Time for bath and bed. I don’t know if I was still impressed by super nanny episodes I watched the evening before, but Laura put up her worst tantrum to date. I simply couldn’t give her a bath, she would stay in the bath tub, arching her back, stretching her legs, screaming, throwing herself on the floor, etc. I was so overwhelmed with the scene that I did what every exhausted mother would do: I laughed, and laughed hard. It wasn’t a great scene to watch, but since it was Laura’s first big tantrum and after watching so many super nanny episodes, I thought it was hilarious.

Anyway, no bath for Laura today, but I managed to clean her a bit with the wet wipes. She had a bit of milk and was so so so so so sleepy that I decided to try something different today (remember the “something different” every now and then?): let her sleep on her own, without rocking her. So I put her down in bed, massaged her back a bit and off she went. It was quite quick, but as soon as I left the room, she started crying. It was more complaint than cry and I left her there for about 10 minutes (dinner was still cooking – almost burning to be honest). She kept complaining and ┬ábecause I didn’t pick her up, she made another scandal in her cot. I simple gave her the dummy and massaged her tummy a little and in 10 minutes she was fast asleep. This was a couple of hours ago, and she is still sleeping. Fingers crossed we will have a good night of sleep – the past two nights she slept in our bed. She sleeps, I don’t (although I love kissing and cuddling her in the middle of the night).

As promised, here is a video. Laura chatting on the phone to her imaginary friend and telling all about her grandparents’ visit to the UK. A bit long – she is a chatter box.