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Blah-dee-blah (written on Monday evening)


So we are almost in August. How quick has the year gone? Scary.

My mum left this morning, but I had to go to work and didn’t have the chance to take her to the airport. It wasn’t all bad, because I’m pretty sure I was going to cry a river. Feeling very sensitive today, for several reasons.

I’m a creature of habit – I like to feel comfortable in my life and am not so keen in big changes. It might be why changes come in bundle in my life. I’m normally fine with changes that don’t involve having to deal with many people, i.e. moving houses and changing cars are ok. Difficult, but I can enjoy them. But when it comes to interacting… geez, it freaks me out. Going back to uni and changing jobs for example.

It might sound a little too much for you, but going back to work after 13 months away, having my mum around for more than a month and seeing her going back so soon, changing jobs, knowing that in 3 weeks time my in-laws are going, Laura will go to the nursery and winter will soon be here is giving me the creeps. I could do without the changing jobs bit, but it’s too late. It’s done. And I hope I won’t regret.

The weather was nice today – a little bit too cold for my liking, but beautiful nonetheless. I decided to go all summery to work (could have used an extra layer), abusing the mish mash of colours (pink, red, yellow, blue, white) and even wearing sun glasses! I don’t know if I ever mentioned here, but I totally dislike sunglasses. They might be cool (although I don’t see myself as cool wearing them; I’m more like “snobbish without a reason”), but I hate the fact that the day becomes dark and the bright colour of the sun and the sky are totally deformed but its lens. As I say “I rather be blinded by the light and live in the shadow”. I got my sun glasses really cheap, 2 pounds or something – cheap and I look like Stallone Cobra.

Here are more photos for you (taken with my mobile – some of them quite old):

Sunny, warmish, colourful

The new car inside and out

Needing a haircut (I did cut her fringe few weeks ago)

Trying to look taller... it didn't work, did it?


I’m alive!


Oh dear, almost a month without posting here. Sorry, I’ve been busy busy. As you all know by now, I’ve started working – 3 weeks today! I’m exhausted, but alive and in one piece (despite having the most bizarre head-neck-back-knee pains). I guess I’ll get used to this life, but I can’t say I’m loving it (the same way I can’t say I’m hating it). I guess I like having the money at the end of the month and being in touch with a bunch of few nice people. I was going to add “and being productive” but I can’t think of anything more productive than raising a child.

Anyhoo, I heard an interesting thing today – one of my colleagues was telling us that her mum’s way to say she was a good kid during her teens was “at least you had never brought the police to my door”. haha. yeah, ha-ha.

Now, let me shut up and post photos. A little story of the last 3 weeks.

My bag on my 1st day back to work - baby hair brush and a dummy!

My outfit on my 1st day at work: very few clothes still fit

New shoes - they don't hurt that much

The office at 8am - just my thoughts and I

Is it possible to prepare lunch in 30 minutes? It sure is!

On my way to work I saw this little mouse, it was shaking, maybe dying. I almost cried. 😦

My work handbag - I found it "lost" (dumped) in my cupboard

One day I got home and saw this scene: grandma and baby asleep with the TV on

And we put the curtains up (we had to fix them today, looks a bit better now)

At uncle Roberto's home - we loved the blue wall. Now, painting the wall here is part of the plan. 😉

Mummy, hug!

BFF Laura & Stina

See you next month!