On increasing the family


I have some work to do in Laura’s bedroom but I keep thinking how it will be when we have a second baby. The kids will share a bedroom for a few years, until they are old enough to stay on the first floor on their own. And this will be even if the 2nd one is a boy.

Luckily, the “decoration” (well, just a few stickers here and there) works for both girls and boys. Now I’ve been trying to picture a bed and a cot in that bedroom, if I’ll keep the changing table, etc etc. There are some limitations, like the wall where the window is – it is also where the radiator is, so it needs to be free. Then the wardrobes, too heavy and big to be moved. Then the wall next to the door, where we don’t want to put bed/cot as it can catch air draft or light when we open the door. So we are limited to one wall, just opposite the door and wardrobe.

I’m about to buy the shelves for the little library (photo here), which is a great project as it will be for the kids. But I’m struggling with the space. I’ll probably put between the wardrobe and the entrance door, as it is the only free space I can think of. Not ideal to put books and a reading area behind the door, but it is a dead space and the only free space in the whole house for this.

Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about the next baby. I’ve been thinking about when it’s the best time to have the second one, and here are my thoughts about it – not discussed with Mr. C yet:

* I want to get pregnant after loosing a lot of weight. Not “skinny” a lot, just “normal” a lot. And “normal” a lot would be 12kg from were I am now.

* I want to go back to work and have a feel of what it is to be a working-mum, having to commute to work, prepare presentations, have tight deadline, talk to million different people, multi-task, run back to collect little one from nursery, play-feed-bathe-put-in-bed, be a (good) wife and a (good) friend and have great family weekends. I want to know if I can be one of those supermums or if I’ll freak out.

* I don’t want the gap between the kiddos to be too short or too long (I know it is relative).

So, I decided in my head that ideally I would get pregnant in 2012 and have the baby in 2013. Laura will be 3, I’ll have one year to loose 12kg (1kg per month?) and enough time to love or hate being a working mum. It will also be just about my personal limit to plan for the 3rd baby – yes, there is a 3rd baby being planned. If it will happen or not, it is a topic for another post. (But let me tell you that I’ve been thinking about how to rearrange this house to fit three children and us and still have space to receive the grandparents and friends from time to time).


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  1. I, sometimes, regret having a room for each girl, maybe Lia would sleep better if she had company. But maybe Marina wouldn’t sleep so well if she had company. Will never know.
    I, now, love having them so close in age. And believe it will be better by the day. But moms who have babies with a bigger distance also have their motifs to like it.
    Sorry, this comement won’t help at all! LOL I mean, there’s no rule, just hope everything works out great for us all!

  2. Tô gostando de ver essa nova Miss Lazy cheia de planos ao invés de entrar em pânico. Faz muito sentido tudo que você escreveu aí. Pensei na idéia da little library, porque você não espera quando as crianças estiverem em quartos separados? Com certeza vai ter mais espaço em cada quarto depois disso e poderia colocar os livros de cada um em cada quarto?

    Quanto a dividirem quartos, na boa, dividi sempre o quarto minúsculo com o irmão e a irmã até sair de casa, e não me deu nenhuma loucura maior, rsrs. Tenho certeza que eles vão sobreviver! 🙂

  3. There are no super mums. There are no super people. Some mums are very well organised and manage to do a lot of things, but at the end of the day, something has got to give. Don’t believe those high flying working women who say they spend “loads of time with their children.” They probably don’t.

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