Life: quick updates


London 2012, here we go!

So, we got tickets to watch the match for bronze medals for both female volleyball (I hope it won’t be to see Brazil, because they are supposed to fight for gold, as per last Olympics) and male handball (Mr. C and I are both fans of the game, but our teams suck at it). I’ve checked the list and honestly there isn’t much I would like to watch – apart from Gymnastics, I don’t care that much about the rest. Ok, it would be great to watch all volleyball finals – including beach volley, nice to go to a basketball match, and football and tennis are only worth it for me if it is against two biggies. These are all sold out.

So, 11 and 12 of August next year we are off to see some action.

Beep Beep

So we have a new car. Big, beautiful, black. The joke in the house is that it is my “birthday” present, but 1) it’s on Mr. C’s name because I wasn’t here to sign the papers, 2) I’m not insured to drive it yet, 3) I can’t drive a big car. So little Micra is still my car.

After driving for so many year our tiny old car, being in the back seat of the “new” (it’s used) Skoda Octavia feels like I have my own private minicab with driver. Not bad at all; I just need to win the lottery now.

Not ready yet

I went to work today, for 1/2 day. It was good and strange at the same time. Good to go to central London without a pushchair, not to worry about seats or a crying baby, walk at my own pace, etc. But I don’t feel ready to go back to work. 13 months went by too fast and I feel I didn’t have enough time to do stuff – stay with Laura and watch her developments, decorate the house, enjoy the sunshine. I’m also not ready for all the stress that a full time job beings with it. At least my bosses (yes, I have two now) seem nice – my old team of 6 is now a team of 11 and out of those, I only know one person and my replacement. Despite scared, I’m also excited to be part of the new team and see what the rest of 2011 brings to me.

Let’s talk about the weather

I had a great time in Brazil – the weather was AMAZING compared to this British summer. Temperatures there were around 25C, sunny and hot; we even managed to go to the beach and sleep with the fan on a couple of nights. Speaking of nights, one thing I simply adore about warm nights is that I can wear sleeveless t-shirts in the evening. And I did almost every single day. Back to the UK, I’m wearing socks and long sleeves to cope with the cold. Not that it is that cold, but the wind and rain don’t help. Forecast say that we will have a warm weekend with temperatures between 25C and 30C during the day. Let’s wait and see.

Happy birthday to me

Yes, it was my birthday on Wednesday. I was exhausted, jet legged and all I wanted was to sleep. I’m still tired and will still be for a long long time, so no cakes or celebrations. But my mum is here and it’s always good to have family around on these occasions.


Since mum is here, we will do some work in the garden and the house. Little projects, nothing to break the bank or our backs, but enough to keep us busy and happy to see some progress around.


I can’t find my camera. I can’t find my Oyster card. Yuks.


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  1. A gente pegou premiliminaries do Volley, então acho que não foi o mesmo dia 😦 E não sobrou nada do que queríamos. Talvez o ano que vem quando sair o último restinho a gente tente… Também pegamos Judô, que eu queria bastante! 🙂

    Também não gosto de carro grande ou fora da minha zona de conforto. A mãe do James ofereceu o carro dela pra eu comprar, mas no fim eu não quis, era uma Mercedez Sport Conversível, rsrs.Mas muito lindo o carrão novo!

    Minha mãe voltou a trabalhar depois de 4 meses, imagina só 😦 Mas acho que são por essas e outras que as mães aqui tendem a ficar em casa o máximo que dá com as crianças, muitas vezes até começarem na escolinha!

    E temos que comemorar o seu e meu níver quando finalmente conseguirmos nos ver, o que vc acha, colocar um bolinho na roda? 😀

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