Baby: quick update


Yesterda, while playing with one of the dresses that she got for her birthday, Laura asked granny to dress her up. Well, she didn’t ASK, but she took the dress to granny, pointed at it, granny put it in front of her, she kept pointing at it, granny dressed her and she was all happy to wear her new dress. So she asked for it, you know what I mean?

She also stays still to put socks and shoes on. Starting yesterday, as far as I can remember (she already helps with tops and bottoms).

Although she doesn’t speak intelligible words, we is very communicative. And because she tries to immitate sounds she hears, from time to time, we try to guess what she is saying. We heard things like “mummy, no”, “where?”, “here”, “this/that”, and others. All in Portuguese. Cuteness to the maximum.

And if in the past she would turn her head when she didn’t want food, now she covers her mouth. Owwwnnnnn. And tries to put/remove her seat belt. And tries to turn the TV on. And her favourite TV show is now The Hive, from Disney Junior, followed by Waybuloo from Cbeebies. She absolutely adores them. She is getting into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well. It’s very cute to see her recognising from the distance the theme tunes of these shows, but I’m not so keen to have a TV maniac child at home.

Jet leg, thy name is Laura. Her schedule is completely messed up and she is having huge trouble to relax and fall asleep in the evening. She goes to bed around 8pm, wakes up a couple of hours later and won’t sleep until midnight or later. It’s driving us insane!! I can hear she crying while writing this. Daddy is with her, trying to put her to bed, but I’m going to his rescue.

At 13 months, she is still not walking. We all think is laziness, because she has shown signs that she is capable of walking. She simply doesn’t want to and we won’t force her to, but we try to stimulate her.

And she was brilliant on the flight to and from Brazil. Just brilliant! I think we can go to Australia now. 😉


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