Starting the countdown


One more week and we’re flying back to London. Sad because I still have loads to do, little one is enjoying so much that we could stay another week or two, I’m going to miss the food and being spoilt rotten by everybody, even though it’s winter it’s quite warm here (for me and little one, everybody else thinks it’s cold), etc etc etc. Happy because we miss Mr. C, I miss our house, I want to enjoy my last week of “freedom” there, have loads to do before going back to work, etc etc etc.


Laura went to her first Festa Junina. This is a typical party (countryside mainly) that happens in June (I remember it being between 13 and 29 of June, around St Anthony, St John and St Peter’s days, but nowadays it can be anytime between June and August, which defeats the purpose: Junina stands for June). The celebration is by far my favourite (comparing to Carnival, Easter and Christmas/New Year’s) and I love everything about it: the music, the dance, the food (the food…), the costumes, the decoration, the games… It’s also more family-friend (and specially child-friendly) event than Carnival.

Laura's 1st Festa Junina

click to see bigger


For those who don’t know, when I come to Brazil I normally stay in a “small” town 200km North from Rio (my flat in Rio is rented at the moment, so Rio is no longer my base). Last trip, I didn’t stop in Rio, and I didn’t see most of my friends – except for Leo and Lili who went all the way to my mum’s house to see us. This time I managed to stop in Rio for a couple of days and will stop on my way back again. I’m hoping to see some friends this time (fingers crossed), but life is harder when you have a child and is car-less and pushchair-less.

She might not be the girl of Ipanema, but she is a cutie

At Copacabana beach, very sleepy


Last Saturday, we celebrated Laura’s birthday again, at my dad’s place. It was lovely, Laura had loads of fun, my parents and their +1s were happy, laura got some beautiful presents (thankfully, people really thought about what they were giving and most of the things were clothes, shoes and small toys that will fit easily in our luggages – only three items are “big” and they still fit without problems in my ultra mega luggage).

Lessons to be learned: the mother should never keep the camera – just give to someone who knows how to use it and make sure to take loads of photos with the guests. I totally forgot about it and have very few pictures of the party. 😦 But I can assure you that there were enough (yummy) food for at least another 3 parties!

Little Princess' party - 11/06/2011


Is it my impression or everything will be quicker from now on? Laura gave a quick and small step today, holding my slippers in her hands; she waved goodbye to her daddy (she always refuses to wave goodbye, either because she is against goodbyes or because she doesn’t know how to do it) on Skype – very cute, with both hands, like she was dancing; she points to daddy’s photos when we ask where’s daddy?; she said “mamae” a couple of times, with the Brazilian accent (as opposed to mamama); she said “nao” a couple of times (as opposed to nanana); she is still speaking her arabic, but adding some more familiar sounds to her speech.


We had some very special guests last weekend. Mommy’s BFF Lili, Maggie and Gabriel came all the way from Sao Paulo to Laura’s birthday party. Laura and Gabriel got along really well and spent their first Valentine’s Day (in Brazil we celebrate it on the 12th June – ok, it’s not called Valentine’s day because it has nothing to do with St. Valentine) together, they went to the beach, shared a kiss and played a lot.


More photos to come!


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  1. So much to comment about… LOL
    It does seem that Laura is enjoying a lot in here. Also, sorry, but she looks more like daddy every new pic – only your skin and eyes colour! I loved the photos, the one with her with the beer can is awesome!
    You’ve lost a lot of weight! Congrats! You look great at Laura’s party! Love you in pink!

  2. Realmente os hostos nunca deveriam ser responsáveis pelas fotos! Deu o mesmo problema aqui no niver do Mr. W!!

    Ah, bacana que Lili foi com Maggie e Gabriel pra festinha! Pelo menos elas tiraram fotos? rsrsrs

    Adorei todas que tirou, de qq maneira 🙂

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