Laura’s birthday – what went wrong


The list of what went wrong might seem too long compared to what went right, but don’t get me wrong: I’m pleased with the result, I’m just being harsh on myself and this is also a “note to self” for the future.

I had too many plans for the day and on the day, because of lack of time, I seemed to have forgotten everything I wanted to do. Thankfully, Lelei got there earlier and helped me a lot!

* My cleaner could stay extra hours, so she only cleaned the house, when she was supposed to help me with the other bits of the party (it was agreed beforehand, but she had a last minute thing).
* I got kids’ sandwiches, babybell, and fruits and forgot to put them out.
* I had a whole play area planned, but in the end I just dumped all toys in the garden. Too messy for the babies to even select what they wanted to play with.
* No music, I forgot the music!
* I bought some cushions and cushion covers and they didn’t arrive on time (there were suppose to arrive on the 19th and still no sign of them).
* The party bags took longer to produce than planned because some of the items arrived the day before the party.
* I should have printed all the food and areas labels beforehand instead of waiting to collect the food and figure out the spaces on the day – it’s easier to redo/reprint one of two labels than print and cut them all.
* Too much food – Should have planned better what to order. There were some no show that didn’t help as well (10 adults make a big difference when planning for food).


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