Laura’s birthday in pictures


Laura’s birthday is today but I’m glad we celebrated it yesterday. First because we can rest today and second because the weather today is on and off, sunny and rainy, and windy. We had a garden party, so good weather was more than needed and we weren’t disappointed on Saturday.

We got a gazeebo to create some shade for the kids and have a shelter to protect us from the wind. In the end, everybody decided to stay under it and we had a “tent” party. Honestly, this gazeebo was one of the best buys of 2011.

I’m gonna leave you with some pictures and later on I’ll write a post about the whole experience.

Laura's garden party

Laura's pressies


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  1. Wow…looks just perfect! Looks like you had a great time…I have one single regret..that we weren’t there to tell Laura live: “La multi ani!”
    I like the cake…was it all eatable? It looks toooo real! And all those presents…hm! I wonder what is inside those bags…:)
    La multi ani fericiti Laura!

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