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You know that feeling that you are always up to something, but you can’t really see any results? I have this feeling for a while now. You probably think I’m only moaning about time, but not really doing much. hehe Thing is: everything takes a little longer for me – cooking, cleaning the house, photoshopping images… Not because I’m too into details, but because I’m not good at these things.

Anyhoo… photos, photos. Just to show some progress. 😀

Errrr... not much done yet

I wasn’t going to have this water bottles, because here in the UK we drink tap water. But since the plan is to be outdoors, I decided to go with them. Another thing that might just be here: it’s not recommended to give mineral water to babies under 12 months (I guess it’s 12, but maybe even older), just boiled tap water or tap water when they are older.

As I said, the dining room is almost “ready”. The last chairs arrived on Monday and I assembled them on the same day. I had to change one seat, but it’s all done now.

Pictures - check, mirror - check, chairs - check

We are thinking about putting an extra sofa or a (couple of) armchair(s) in the living room. I like the armchair idea so people don’t have to squeeze together in one piece seat, but we are still thinking about it. We are furnishing our house on a budget, so I need to think a lot about it.

Still looking for a nice and cheap armchair


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  1. Love the water bottles! It’ll be a hit! What are those bottles with animal heads on top? Bubbles’? Lia just loooooves it!
    You’ll have a blast on Sunday! Be sure to take many pictures!
    And also love the wall with all the frames, wish I could do that, but hubby likes to be part of the decorating thing and he’s not to keen of things on the wall! HUMPF!
    Laura is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. 1- nossa, well done com os preparativos pra festinha da pequena! I’m proud of you 😉
    2- AMEI a combinacao de frames e fotos/gravuras na parede. You rock!
    3- acho a ideia de 2 armchairs excelente!
    4- sua mesa eh igual a minha? =O|

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