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One thing I love and hate about decorating my house is that it is an ongoing project. A home is organic, just like its owners, and is always changing. If you LIVE in your house, and it is a home, it will never get to the stage that “that’s it, it’s done”. Even if it’s just a new picture frame, or a new cushion cover, or a new sofa/sofa cover because the one you have is too dirty from yours children’s games.

We have been living here for an year (we got our keys on 14th May 2010, but our first night was as a family of three – actually four, because my mother-in-law was here, helping us with everything – at the very end of May), and we are still far away from being anywhere near “done”. And as far as I can see, it will take us some good 5 years to be there and only care about the little details.

Not a single room is done. The dining room is finally looking more like the dining room I was thinking about, but there are still some missing bits – like a unit at the corner for my tableware that is still in Brazil until I have a place to put it. The living room is missing quite a few bits and pieces, including the curtains track. I do have the curtains, but the tracks I chose won’t be in stock until July!!!

Laura’s bedroom is the mutant room in the house. It’s ok-ish for now, but as she grows it will change with her. I do have little projects for her bedroom though, trying to focus only on the more permanent ones, like the mini “library” in the photo below. I won’t make it as big as that, just 3 shelves. It will be more a reading/story corner. In the (near) future, I’ll also put table and a couple of chairs for her art projects.

Next DIY project

To be very honest, I’m not so keen in overly producing her bedroom because we don’t know what’s going to happen when we have a 2nd child. I know, thinking to far ahead, as usual. But I can’t help it. So, our house have 3 good bedrooms and a “study” (fits a baby room though). One of the bedrooms – my favourite one – is at the top floor, isolated from the rest of the house. Although I really want to move there, it’s unlikely that we will be able to with two small children sleeping on their own on a different floor. But who knows? Maybe we grow out of the paranoia and it’s doable in a year or so.


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  1. que isso!!!! quando vi a foto acima, levei um susto!
    ontem a noite eu vi a mesma imagem, me apaixonei pela ideia e salvei no meu Pinterest! to chocada! =)

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