Almost 12 months


She is almost a toddler, but she will always be a baby to me.

Her teeth were quite late, and they are very slow to come out fully, but in one month four of them ripped her gums and another two are almost there. Tiny white tips of teeth can be seen by the careful observers. Tiny but sharp, says mum. Ouch.

She is not a big fan of changing clothes, but even when crying she helps us put her tops on, by pushing her arms into the sleeves. Very clever.

She is not a big fan of cleaning her face and hands after meals. Piggy.

She is a much better eater now, preferring mummy’s homemade food to the readymade baby stuff.  She tries everything and eat almost everything. And she can’t see us eating that she will scream until we give her a piece. But she only eats if she is in control – it’s either that or nothing. My kitchen is a a pighole.

She loves laughing – the more and louder she laughs, the sleepier she is. But she will never admit it and will fight with all her power to avoid going to bed.

Her favourite – at the moment – TV shows are The Hive (Disney Channel) and Waybuloo (CBeebies). She screams in happiness, pointing to the TV, laughing and “telling” us the story.

She understands “I’m gonna catch you” (she runs so we can chase her), “the little ant is climbing you” (fingers tickling her), “do you want milk?” and “water?”. She probably understands more than that, but is quite subtle.

She is lazy and doesn’t want to stand up on her own, without support. But she “walks” everywhere with support and loves pushing her pushchair.

When she was tiny, she used to love having her nappy changed. Now it’s a nightmare. She can’t stand still for too long.

She is very sociable, but gets shy when meeting someone for the first time, especially adults.

She loves spending time with her daddy.

She loves computers, mobile phones and remotes.

She doesn’t say any understandable word yet, but she is fluent in Arabic. hehe

Her hair is quite long now.

I heard all sorts of compliments, but the funniest was “her face is so proportional! You know how some kids have big heads and small eyes/mouth/nose and vice-versa”. Ok then.

Her favourite food in the world is… breastmilk! After 5 days refusing to have it, she’s back to it. Not as much as before (thank goodness), and whenever she has had enough, she… bites me! She so knows that it’s wrong (especially because I scream!) that she tries to hide her face.

I’m glad I took the full year of maternity leave, plus an extra month. Despite the hard work, I’ve enjoyed every single moment, every single sleepless night, changing every smelly nappy, all the hugs, kisses, bites, cries, laughs, endless rocking her to sleep, etc.

Another 10 days and my little baby is turning 1 year old.


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  1. Parabéns Chris!! Sua filhota é muito fofinha mesmo!! Eu sou super fã dessas “long maternity leave”!! Fiz isso com a Maria Clara, com a Olivia já não deu, mas ainda sim também aproveitei bemmmmm o primeiro ano da caçulinha!! Adoro levar e buscar no colégio e acompanhar as atividades extras sempre que possível. Vejo como um privilégio poder ficar cuidar das pequenas sem ter aquele horário cruel de quem está em empresa!! beijos e curta muito a sua Laura!!!

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