And it all changed again


Laura had another “bad” week, with more diarrhoea, lack of appetite (no food but loads of breast milk), bad nights of sleep and loads of “mummy’s arms”. This time we know the cause of all this suffering: teething.

One of the bottom tooth is out (just the tip though – does it take so long to grow???), it’s neighbour is on the surface, the two top ones are on their way, with one already cutting the gum. So, we are talking about 4 teeth coming out at the same time. That might hurt really bad, uh?

She is much better now, back to eating and all. But of course, still in pain. We are giving Calpol (paracetamol) every now and then to relieve the pain. Nothing unusual, right? Every baby is different, but Laura is not experiencing anything unheard of.

The new news (for me) is that Laura decided that she no longer wants breast milk from its source. Whenever I try to breastfeed her I get lots of painful pinches and bites. But she is happy with breast milk from the bottle. Ironic, isn’t it? A while ago I tried several times to give her formula and breast milk in a bottle and she would take it once and then reject it the other times. Whenever I tried to reduce her feeds (she was feeding every 4 hours), she would try to rip my shirt off and take it by force. So I gave up and decided that I was going to breast feed her whenever she wanted (mornings, afternoons, evenings, middle of the night) until when she wanted (1, 2 years old) – in the hopes that she would reduce the feeds once she goes to the nursery in August. In turns out that the little one does things her way. I’ve been expressing milk and she still has her milk.

I’m not complaining but I miss nursing her to sleep… I mean, I love breastfeeding (not at 2am and 4am, it’s true), it’s one of the many things I love about being a mum. And the other thing is: since then she is taking longer to fall asleep. :-/

Oh well, it might be just another phase and everything might change in a couple of days. At least there is a big pro in that: no more sore nipple from her bites and pinches!


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