Groupon update


Since I wrote about my negative experiences with Groupon’s partners, I think I should update the post:

First of all, Groupon was very professional in dealing with my complaints. I got my money back from the treatment I couldn’t use – in Groupon credits though – and another 7 pounds credit for the eye shaping session I ended up not having (as part of the manicure and pedicure voucher). They also offered to give me the money back for the photo session if I didn’t want to go for it. But I will. It’s booked for the 29th April, the Wedding day. Ha, I hope it won’t be an adventure to get there.

With my credit I’ve already bought another four vouchers: a canvas print, a haircut (I told you I had to do something about it), a manicure/pedicure and a facial/massage offers. And I still have credits to spend. I think I ended up with a great deal. 😀 Just hope the service is good.


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  1. I’m enjoying “peixe urbano” in Brazil as much! In a week period I’ve bought 3 different thing, a voucher for 50 “chopps” costing like 15 in a bar nearby, a tray of 100 “cajuzinhos” for a third of the price and a dinner in a Cantina here also for a third of the price! I’m loving it! The only problem for me is, as you can see, I’m only purchasing fattening stuff! LOL

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