Sharing is good


A long while ago I was at the GP and while I was waiting my turn, Laura was making friends. There were three other mums with kids and we started to chat. It was “good” to listen to their experiences and know that I’m not alone in my paranoia and struggles as a first mum. They all had problems (mostly with the first child – all of them said that everything gets better with the second – I bet the third is a piece of cake, yeay) with sleeping, weaning, illness. All of them breastfed their babies and had problems with weaning them. All of them struggled at some point with their babies sleeping patterns – but they said that it gets much better when the baby starts walking (not crawling, not standing up, walking). And loads of fresh air also helps.

I know that each baby is different, parents deal with baby issues differently, we have different levels of paranoias, but when your families are far away and you live in a different country, it’s good to hear similar experiences and opinions and how mums and dads dealt with the difficulties. Sometimes it’s good just to talk to someone, even if a stranger, just to let it out.

I confess that it’s tough but we are getting more and more confident with this role and Laura is getting increasingly delicious by the day so even the tougher days are great. It just gets better and better and better.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I don’t know what I would ve done with myself I I didn’t go to all postnatal groups and phoned friends like you to keep my sanity. Sleep deprivation makes you a cocktail of frustration – anger – depression – exhaustion that you have to share with others and hear their stories as well.
    Feels like AA sometimes, but it works wonders!!!!

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