Remember my cooking adventures? I have photos! Guess what? I ate them all – and Laura stole a piece from me and loved it. She kept screaming for some whenever she saw me eating, and this was when she was poorly and not eating(*). But the mystery is solved, Lelei said what the problem was and I’m ready to give it another go.

The cookie-like muffin

Last Saturday, we were dead, really tired (*) so we were just being lazy in the house, two laptops on, a baby messing around, Mr. C had just spoken to his parents on Skype, I had my Skype on, and then the “brilliant” idea: why not chat with hubby via Skype, even though we were sharing the same sofa? Photo of my view, on his laptop video.

Having fun with silly things

Sunday was Mother’s Day, UK thing. Laura got me flowers, a cute cushion and chocolates (that helped me put on 1kg back). But the best present was given by Mr. C almost 20 months ago that “materialized” almost 11 months ago. 🙂

My Mother's day present

Mother's day flowers - tulips, my favourite

(*) Not sure if I mentioned that after one week of baby health stress – bad diarrhoea, weight loss, awful nights, etc – she is finally better. (well, she has a nasty chesty cough and runny nose) The difference is shocking – she is much happier, chattier, active and back to eating food. It’s good to see our baby well again. And as I said on a previous post, teething was false alarm. One of Laura’s friend caught rotavirus and she also had diarrhoea and also vomited. Since they were together just before they had it, it could be that Laura caught something from her – but milder.

So, baby’s back to talking to the TV, dancing and best of all – EATING!

Watching "Timmy Time"

If you are weak of stomach, stop here!

Laura still prefers to eat by herself and now she is into “mummy’s homemade food”. Today she had scrambled eggs and tuna and cherry tomatoes for lunch (she didn’t want her baby food) and farfalle + quorn mince (**) + sweetcorn/pea/carrot/broccoli/cauliflower in tomato sauce for dinner. And guess what was her favourite vegetable? Broccoli and cauliflower! That’s daddy’s girl. The main problem is that she isn’t a big fan of spoon and plates and all her food end up on the table and/or the floor. I’m still working on accepting the mess after each meal she has.

(**) We’ve been going through this “quorn” phase in the house for a couple of months now. Quorn, if you don’t know what it is, is a vegetarian alternative for meat. It’s made of egg whites and it’s pretty weird, but edible. No, we haven’t become vegetarians. In fact, we spent Mother’s Day having Brazilian barbecue.

Yum yum

Yum yum yum

Yum yum yum yum


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