Mother’s Day in the UK


I don’t know if Mother’s day here is on a specific date every year, like in Brazil (every 2nd Sunday of May), but this year it’s on 3rd of April, this Sunday. It’s my first Mother’s day with baby outside the womb (I had two, UK and Brazil, with her in my womb). It’s also my mother’s birthday. And I’m going to Brazil a couple of weeks after Mother’s day there. So lots to celebrate, huh? (Including Laura’s birthday and mine).

Speaking of Mother’s day, I’m trying to convince Mr. C that when the children are too small to 1) own their on money and 2) get their parents gifts, one of the parent is in charge of the mission. So on mother’s day, the dad helps the little one to choose a gift to mummy, and on Father’s day (here is in June, in Brazil is in August) it’s mummy’s job. It’s not hard to get this, is it?


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