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Leeds Castle


Last Tuesday we visited Leeds Castle, not too far from us. The castle is beautiful and very well preserved, with a lot of outdoor space to enjoy when the weather is nice. Although a bit pricey, the ticket gives you access to the castle for 12 months. It’s a great place to go for a picnic and a walk with kids.

The Castle is run by a charity. The last owner of the castle was Lady Baillie, who earned loads from money of her American mother and decided that she wanted to buy a castle to live-have-fun-and-entertain-her-famous-and-rich-friends. The castle has been refurbish/improved/changed several times across it’s 900 years, but most of what we see now was done in Lady Baillie’s years as the castle owner. This same woman imported black swans from Australia, now a symbol of the castle.

The castle is also available for private events, including weddings. If only I knew about it before… 😉

Trip to Leeds Castle

P.S.: Click on the photo for a bigger image


Strike a pose


Yesterday we went for our Groupon photo session. The voucher was for an hour session with two changes of clothes, 2 backgrounds and 50 high resolution untreated photos in a CD. We got 30 minutes instead – I wasn’t checking the time so only realised when we left – and about 90 photos.

We weren’t impressed with the photos. Actually they are pretty average and and will need a lot of work in order to become printable (some are out of focus, faces are in the shade, etc). Anyhoo, here are some of the photos so you can judge for yourself. I haven’t photoshopped then yet (not sure when and if I will).

Oh, and before the reader mentions, there wasn’t a production – no make up, no hair dresser. And it was the last day I had long hair – I had a haircut this morning (photos might come soon).

Holidays are very tiring


Mr. C is at home since last Friday – I couldn’t be happier, but we are both dead. I don’t have any extra work with Laura (except that lately she has been extremely needy and wants to be in my arms most of the time), but we are trying to sort bits and pieces in the house, as well as trying to entertain our little one.

Sometimes we just want to lie down in front of TV and do nothing. But we can only stretch our legs and empty our heads after she goes to bed. Most of the times, instead of relaxing, I catch myself planning, thinking, worrying. I went to bed a few times very early – 10pm – to catch up on sleep, but it’s quite hard to fall asleep straight away.

On a positive note, we managed to sort some important things in the house. Not that they are all 100% (curtain pole is a bit bent, the mirror I wanted to the dining room deforms the image, and so on). On an even more positive note, we still have another 3 (busy) days ahead.

On a not so positive note: the house is messier than it has ever been! Actually, I never lived is a messier home than ours is at the moment. I’m trying to organise and clean as much as I can, but I don’t have the energy and rarely have the time.

I have photos to post, but I’ll have to pass it for now. Watch this space. Keep watching. Keep watching…

P.S.: The Royal Wedding… well, we saw part of it. I don’t care about it, but deep inside I love this “royalty” thing. I guess this is one of the things that makes the UK special to me.

Sneak Peek


Sometimes it might seem that I don’t do anything apart of taking care of Laura. It’s true that 85% of my time is dedicated to her, but the other 15% go to other stuff. Our home probably takes 5% of this time, but mostly in my thoughts.

Since I don’t have any big progress to share with you, here is a snap shop of what we’ve been doing on the last few days.

Few bits and pieces

Laura meets the animals


We went to a farm near our house and Laura saw several animals for the first time. She wasn’t really impressed but we think she had fun. She was so exhausted that she slept from 6.30pm to 6am, just waking up once around 1 am.

I have to confess one thing: I’m an urban girl. I am almost scared of farm animals, I was never a big fan of cows and chickens and always thought that pigs are weird creatures. As soon as I have time, I’ll post some videos.

In the meantime, photos:

and another beautiful day

I can’t feel anything – or can I?


I went to the gym today and the trainer was pissed of at her “love interest” so she took it on me. And Laura was on my legs all the time, so I had to work out “quickly” whenever I had a break in order to do the exercises. Conclusion: even my soul is in pain. I’m afraid of tomorrow.

The weather today was just AMAZING. It was hot, people, hot. I was on sleeveless t-shirt and I was sweating. Can you believe it? Beautiful. I hope Laura inherits the love for sun and warmth from both parents. Besides exercising for 1h30, I also walked a bit – another 1h30 to be precise.

And tomorrow we’re going to Greenwich. According to the weather forecast, we’ll have beautiful weather until next week. Hubby will be on holidays and we will try to go on several day trips. Hmmmm, I can’t wait. I have to remember to charge and take the camera with me.


I’ve been very nostalgic lately. The train to central London goes via the hospital where Laura was born and every time I pass by the place, I miss deeply being pregnant and giving birth. Mr. C asked me what I miss about it – I think I miss everything, feeling her kicks, the huge belly, walking like a duck, even the contraction pains and difficulty of finding a position to sleep. I wish I could live the last month again and again. But I don’t think I am brave enough to have a 2nd one just now.


And no chocolate in this house this Easter. I really don’t miss the easter eggs, but this time I’m avoiding chocolate for a while. Since Laura cannot have chocolate – or shouldn’t have – we will pretend that it’s just a bank holiday.


We’ve applied for tickets to the Olympics in 2012. Although we are excited with the possibility of watching a game or two, we are also scared that we will get tickets to all our options. It’s some sort of lottery – you apply for the games you want to see, but there’s no guarantee that you will get any tickets. You might get one, two, or all. Our bill is almost 600 pounds, so you can understand why we are not hoping too much. There is one hope though: Mr. C and I like handball very much, and it’s not a popular sport in the UK (the tickets for the finals were cheaper compared to any other sport), so we might get lucky. 🙂


Our neighbour is building a photo studio in his garage. Cool, eh?


We’re trying to teach Laura to wave goodbye and send kisses. So far no luck. Not sure if she gets confused with tchau-tchau, tai-tai, bye-bye. Also trying to teach her to scream less.


Countdown for the weekend starting… NOW!