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I have a love-hate relationship with cooking. I do like to cook, as long as I have a step-by-step recipe to follow and it’s something simple and tasty. I don’t like to cook when it comes to complex recipes and the end result is a pile of dishes to wash (my dishwasher is not great and doesn’t was pans properly). I also like to understand how a particular ingredient works. For example, almost all recipes of cakes require plain flour. Can I replace plain flour with ground almonds in all cases? And if I can, does it make sense to keep adding baking powder or I might as well remove it from the recipe? I was thinking about looking for classes that teach these things – because read a recipe I am perfectly capable of. It’s replacing and combining ingredients that I’m crap at.

Having said that, I decided to easy my anxiety by baking muffins, based on a recipe that Lelei posted on her blog (Light Blueberry Muffin – in Portuguese). I didn’t have blueberries, so I tried with banana and walnuts, and instead of ground almonds, I used linhaca flour (sorry, no idea what’s the name in English). I have to say that 1) it doesn’t look as nice as hers, 2) it didn’t grow at all, 3) it has a weird omelette-like consistency. Note for self: if using big pieces of banana and walnuts again, use the blender or mash the banana and cut the nuts in fine pieces. The taste is ok, I suppose. As per recipe, I used strawberry protein, so it’s a funny taste of banana and strawberry – a very common combination here, especially for babies porridge/dessert. Let’s see how it tastes tomorrow.

=> Next time, I’ll try with ground almonds, which is the same I use for the chocolate brownie. I’ll also try to bake the brownie with sweetener instead of sugar. And I also want to try baking scones, but I’m thinking about asking the recipe to my neighbour.


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  1. Linhaça = linseed
    Você teria que ter usado semente de linho e não linhaça, talvez por isso deu errado? 😦 Vou mudar lá no blog, desculpaaaas pela tradução errada!

    Acho que banana pára o muffin de crescer, já ouvi falar que faz o mesmo pra bolo se colocar inteira :

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