Meet the girls


Yesterday we had a meet up of new mums from work. We were 6 in 2010 in our building, but one – the only one that had a boy – couldn’t make it. So it was a Girls-only meeting. The location was very convenient for us, only 15 minutes drive from here. The lunch was hosted by Lynsey, Savannah’s mum. Savannah is the youngest of the group, born in December. All the others are very close in age, born between 12th May and 23rd July.

In the photos with the mums we were meant to swap babies, but Stina started crying, so we decided not to torture her. Jessica and Nicole are swapped though. Nicole is 2 months younger than Laura and weighs 10 kg (Laura is 8kg!).

We had such a wonderful day and Laura enjoyed her little friends so much! Everybody said she is adorable and such a character, but mums also told me that she is very active and was probably keeping me too busy. The other girls are angels compared to my little monster.


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