Little monster


Baby Laura is a healthy active baby, very vocal and social. Great, isn’t it? Well, not all the babies think so. Whenever she sees a baby or child, she screams in happiness, and 10 out of 10 times, she scares the baby and bring him/her to tears. This week we went to the supermarket nearby and she saw a 2 or 3 year old boy and as usual, she started screaming like crazy, pointing at him, with the biggest smile on her face. A 3 year old is not a baby anymore, right? Right. Still, the boy got scared and hid behind his mum, who had to explain to him that the “little girl is making funny noises because she is happy”. Later on, a member of the staff told Laura “so you are the little girl that was making all that noise!”.

Geez, I was telling the girls on Friday that it feels like I lock her in a dungeon the whole day and when I allow her to go out, she is so excited with the world outside that she can’t help but scream in happiness.

But for the records: I don’t lock her in a dungeon!


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