More Life in Pictures – A touch of urban life


Last week I went out three times without little one, who stayed at home with her granny. I love my baby to bits and I love going out with her, but for somethings that are better done on your own, like going to central London for example.

Last Wednesday I had a bit of a wasted trip. I went to an appointment of a treatment I bought on Groupon ages ago and they didn’t want to go ahead with it because I am still breastfeeding. It wasn’t saying anywhere I couldn’t take the treatment if breastfeeding, and nobody asked me although I told them that I had a small baby. Apparently they never had a situation like this before and had no clue if there would be any side effects if I went ahead with the treatment. Anyhoo, of course I wouldn’t risk it and went all the way there for nothing.

Not really for nothing, because I remembered I had my camera with me and took some pictures of the area – Liverpool Street, Monument and London Bridge. The bottom photo is a panoramic of the view at London Bridge, almost both sides.

City of London

The City of London is just above 1 square mile, everything else is “Greater London”. It’s great to go there for a walk, with so many historic buildings and landmarks, as well as super duper modern building. Totally worth a visit.

In this collage: London Bridge (crossing), Tower of London, Tower Bridge (the beautiful bridge), Monument to the Great Fire of London, the Gherkin, and other random stuff.


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