I’m feeling sorry for myself


My mother-in-law is leaving tomorrow. I’m not ready for it and I’m suffering of separation anxiety. Laura loves her and is very happy with her to the point I can go out and do my stuff and be sure I’ll come back home to a happy baby. Of course when I come back home she cries horribly, wants to stay in my arms and all – she has to; otherwise, no more milk for her. But I went out twice on my own, spent the whole day away and she behaved brilliantly, just like I taught her.

So from tomorrow onwards, it’s just Mr. C & I looking after the little one on the weekend, and just me on weekdays. Don’t get me wrong, she is a LOVELY, ADORABLE, SWEET baby, I can’t have enough of her, but it’s good to have help, to share the workload, to sleep until 8am.

Anyhoo, I knew had a feeling about what was coming when we decided to have a child abroad, far from our families, so no time for complaints, just enjoy baby Laura becoming a big girl.


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